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Gourmet toker

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by toker6953, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. What's up blades I have a question for you. What do you guys like to cook when you're stoned? I know that there are probably food threads on gc, but I'm talking like food food not just munchies food. Like I am the most creative with recipes when I'm high one time I made fried brined pork chops with a sundried tomato basil compound butter, sauteed garlic swiss chard, and cacio e pepe (spaghetti with parmesan and pepper) and I would never have thought to make this sober.
  2. Anything man. I'll just go to the kitchen and search for ingredients and come out with some good food.:smoke:

  3. sounds good man. yum!
  4. out here in the 808 state its all short ribs, ahi poke, steaks, stuffed white fish, and red hots, mac and potatoe salad.
  5. I made 2 minute noodles once... I burnt it a little
  6. I went to taco bell the other day
  7. the other night I made cheese tortellini with pumpkin alfredo and gruyere cheese. perf :D
  8. I love making my enchiladas verdes, chile rellenos are great to make too. Spaghetti, grilled chicken salad, deep fried mashed potato tacos with homemade mashed potatos. And a whole lot more
  9. I can make enchiladas as easy as making sandwiches >:)
  10. Nothing requiring quantities of flour.

    I get that shit everywhere.

    2 hours later I'll be out and look like some bloke who snorted powdered donuts or was rolled in flour like some fat chick.
  11. When your baked and feel like cooking its so much more fun... and creative.

    Spaghetti bolognese
    Madras curry
    Cream cheese on toast with sweet chilli sauce
    Seasoned fried onions, with basmati and a mushroom omelette.
    Roast dinner
    Can't remember any really adventurous ones, mind blank

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