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gotta tell somebody

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by budandshrooms, May 21, 2010.

  1. i know u guys wont care but... only 11 more days left on my 3 week t-break!!! i already had a low tolerance but i noticed it going up so i took a break and on the 31st of may or the 1st of june i am gunna smoke some sf club bubble and kif hash i have been saving and im going straight RIPPED, hope i dont green out hahaha
  2. tonight is my last night for a couple weeks after like three years straight
    my tolorance is so high sometimes i find myself having trouble getting high
    so im gonna take my first real t break then hopefull i do green out :)
    good luck with the next eleven days.
  3. I only smoke on weekends, every week of my life I take a 5 day t-break. Basically everytime I get high its almost like my first time being high. Its great. Moderation is my friend
  4. that sounds wonderful and a lot cheaper.
    but i need my weed. kinda like gotta have my pops.
    hahah :)
  5. Honestly, I smoke weed in such little amounts that I almost forget what its like to be high every friday. Then I smoke on saturday and i remember :)

    I dont smoke during the weekdays because of school, I probably could, but I just dont think about it. Also, even when I do smoke its only like 1-3 bowls. When i buy a gram it lasts me like 3 weeks XD
  6. They both got their good sides and bad sides.
  7. Good work dude! I just started mine on Saturday, but my tolerance was stupid high, and I really need it. I'm not smoking for three months. I have absolutely no problem going without, but many do. Maybe someone should make a "T-break support group" thread haha.
  8. Smoke everyday...after you get your shit done!
  9. there are a few t break support group threads even an "official" one
    but i tend to have a really hard time quitting since its been like three years
    ive only really tried a couple of times but i failed every time
    but starting tomorrow im going on my first real one
  10. I started a t-break today. Partly because I'm in monetary troubles, and partly cause I'm just not feeling it anymore. My goal is to go 3-4 weeks. The longest I've ever gone was 2-3 being sick, but then I couldnt smoke. Now I'm so tempted, lol.

    I smoke pretty much every day so its gonna be tough but hopefully worth it.
  11. Thats exactly what I do. I work Monday through Friday, have an eighth or so waiting for Friday through Sunday.

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