Gotta Love How MJ Makes Everything Better

Discussion in 'General' started by terribleherbst, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Roommate and I got into a little girl argument about what to watch on T.V. He wanted to watch A Bug's Life while I hate that movie and wanted to watch something else since it is my TV. So he offers to buy a gram later tonight if he can watch A Bugs Life, its funny how once he says that immediately the tension, annoyance, and negative goes out the window and everything is great! :smoke:
  2. Just watch whatever you wanted to watch online. You are still going to smoke that extra gram tonight.
  3. you dont like a bugs life man...? :confused: :(
  4. You argue with your house guests?
  5. doesnt it make sense to buy a gram before you watch the movie?
  6. I don't like watching movies high. For some reason, it causes me to pick out all the fakeness.

  7. Watch better movies, then lol. I play video games high because it makes them feel more real.

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