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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, May 17, 2006.

  1. so can chewup a detox tab n swallow it down with 24oz's of water, followed by another 24oz's 15 minutes later, and then piss a whole bunch and go get a drug evaluation and hope that this shit covers up cocaine, hydromorphone and weed, well at least most of the weed, enough to pass and not go to rehab, cant go to rehab by any means necessary
  2. Good luck man, the resin ive been scrapping for this bowl, is for you. Id hate to see ya go to rehab lol. good luck
  3. good luck neg, hope that shits goes welll
  4. good luck buddy, what detox are you using? let us know how it goes.
  5. Good Luck. Fuck rehab. I had to go for while and it was so fucking stupid. Hope you don't have to expereince it.
  6. lot worse than my morning
  7. hear hear. there are some FUCKUPS that i can not stand in those classes.
  8. Its been said before and i'll say it again, rehab is for quitters. Hope you dont get busted neg, your crazy man
  9. I cannot see neg in rehab, it just doesnt make sense.
  10. Some great comedian said this before, I forget who, got it off a signature on another message board, "If you can save up the $14,000 for rehab, you do not have a problem."
  11. Good Luck with the drug test.
  12. I can, where do you think people find connections for meth, good crack and all that good shit? REHAB!

    Unless you're goin to Hazelden or some shit. :O
  13. hahaha, this is def true, i found quite a few new connects this way lol.

  14. i been to rehab like 4 times before, and 1 time inpatient, some of those rehab days were EOP (extended outpatient) so i'd go there at 4 when i got home from school and stay til 9

    dont wanna do that shit ever again, cuz it doesnt help
  15. negligent, this is coming straight from the bottom of my heart... i hope you fail.

  16. diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick head

  17. i hope i fail to, your the most pathetic e-beefin lil fuck i've ever had the pleasure of reading
  18. Hey, wait. He didnt finish! all he means he hopes you fail in attempts to fux his mother.

  19. WTF?? If you think he should be using less drugs, maybe you should read the part where he said he's been in and out before and it doesn't work. Just a waste of time.
  20. And money

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