gotta c the one i found in my garden. 2ft!

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  1. i was out weeding the garden. and ran into this. i cant believe that i have never seen it. i think it is pretty tall. how should i go about transplanting that. would it be cool to take in door? oh well.. heres pics

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  2. yup marijuana alright, good find!
  3. I would just leave it since its so healthy looking outdoors, not to mention naturally grown (100% wild). I wouldn't bother with it, one thing you should do is determine the sex :)
  4. i would but it is in my front yard! neighbors are snitches. strait up, theyd love to see me cultivating. but how should i go bout transplanting. i was going to get that miracle grow, vitamin b1 water, briefly use it and put it in a pot, then support it with a steak and some zip ties.
  5. No Miracle Grow. Is it really 2 feet tall? I'd get like...a 5 gallon pot, put that beast in it, tie it down, give it some good nutes/ferts and wait.
  6. ok, so you need to transplant, leave it outdoors though, somewhere in a bush or behind your house, either way use the ground and dig a 2x2 ft hole or bigger, and churn up 5-8inches of top layer about 1-2 meters square for horizontal root growth, this makes a big difference! it's all about preparation, for rapid growth. use organic soil, 20/20/20 nutes and water twice a week.
  7. Once you are sure it is a girl give it good soil and good organic ferts. Lots of people don´t like Miracle Grow. I wouldn´t know, can´t buy it here.
  8. Wicked find, these guys are giving you good advice.
  9. Oh, put it in the biggest pot you can lift.
  10. spanishfly, not everyone lives in the high heat of spain where ground cannot be used, dude ground is 10x better then pots, let him do it the proper way.

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