got too much heat.

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  1. my grow room isn't huge ony 1mx1mx2 1/2m and holding a 600watt light, i have good air circulation and air intake with an extrator trying to suck out the hot air. i am running at a constant 90 degrees F and it is pissing me off imensley. the balast is not in the room and i have just invested in a large fan to try and help it out but seems to have done fuck all. the plants seem fine they are healthy looking with new shoots apearing all the time but i just need to get the temp down by 15 degess. anyone got any suggestions. i would change the light power but im poor and cant afford a new balast and light.:smoking:
  2. how hot is you inlet air you might need to put another inlet in to make sure your getting enough cool air in there.... or a bigger exhaust any how i hope this helps
  3. i'll give it a go, the inlets only 4x4" so that could be the problem.
  4. It's hard to diagnose specifically with the info you provided, but generally heat in the grow area is a problem of two factors: 1) the temp of the intake air, and 2) the amount of airflow you are able to generate out of the grow area (exhaust) as a proportion of the size of the grow area. So, bottom line is in spite of your best efforts so far, you are either not moving enough air out for the size of your area and/or your intake is not cool enough.

    Where is your grow area? If in an attic or other uninsulated space (tool shed, etc) you will have a real tough time maintaining proper temps, especially as it's not even summer yet.
  5. it is in the attic yes, im currently trying to find a way of sucking in cold air in from outside the room, the best idea so far is a bathroom extractor sucking in air as well as one sucking out air. fingers crossed i may get a result. thanx for the help.
  6. Could work, who knows, but what makes attics so difficult is that the ambient temp around the grow space is so hot. Hard to cool a box to 75F when it contains a 600w lamp and it's in a surrounding area that's 95F.

    FWIW, I gave up on my attic grow and moved it into the garage because I couldn't beat this problem.
  7. Do you have central air? My farther built an attachment and pretty much put in another cetrail air duct in the attic where he is growing, so it is blowing 60 degree air right by the plants, and he has an exhaust fan shooting the hot air out the roof.

    It is only spring right now though, so he doesn't have much of a heat challenge atm. Once it becomes augest and we start having 95+ degree weather every day, we will see how it holds up =p
  8. i might have it sorted, went out and got a huge bathroom extractor and connected it to the air intake hole. it's holding the temp at 70 so as long as it doesn't get too hot(which for england it won't) it should be ok

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