got the soil version of grow big by mistake

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    I picked up the trio of fox farms products and have been using it for a few weeks now. The plant spent the first few weeks of its life in soil before it was transplanted to a dwc bubble bucket. When it was in the soil I was following the soil feeding schedule. Since it has been in the dwc bucket I have been following the hydro feeding schedule. THe plant is healthy as shit. The roots haven't reached the resevoir yet. How is the soil version of grow big (6-4-4) going to affect my dwc bucket?

    Its a 5 gallon bucket setup and I am using 3 gallons for water/nutes. Should I just reduce the amount I use?
  2. Sorry to poke my head in without an answer, but good question. (At least I've bumped the thread.)
    I'm growing in coco and would like to hear what people have to say on this one.
    (Good coco-specific nutes are pretty expensive and coco/hydro are effectively the same thing, apart from CaMg.)
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    I read somewhere to go by the hydro grow big schedule and give 3/4 of what you would give of that.

    I only do 1/2 the recommended dosage when I start nutes, so I did that then 3/4 of that amount. Seems to have been working well (check my videos from 5/1/11 to today and you'll see how much the plants in the bubble buckets have grown since).

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