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Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Greenclutch, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. So been needing some personal space now for a while and go into my garage and seen my pack hanging there and relized i have not spent a night in the woods yet this year so off I soon going to go spend 3 days in the woods should be a good time

  2. Make sure you come back with some good stories, mate. Enjoy. :smoke:
  3. Don't forget to bring a towel......
  4. Sweet dude. Taking any shrooms or cannabis with?
  5. Bubbles here. have a great time, but not too much fun and be safe
  6. I took some herb have not had mushroom in a long time. It was a good time did a creek crossing that had some decent current and depth. The water was perfect temp it's amazing how just crossing a creek and cooling down will bring up the moral. All around it was some good times but I will post some pics and give you guys and gals a couple more story's later today
  7. Yes please do man I am looking forward, greatly, to the stories and pictures! Keep us posted. Video next time?
  8. Sounds good, love to hear it. :) What did you take in your bag if you don't mind me asking?
  9. ok so my bag I use a kelty coyote 80. The bag for me is the perfect size but I dont typically carry a lot when backpacking. So  inside this time I took a wool blanket which I typically dont but there was a high chance of rain here let me just do a gear list
    backpack kelty coyote 80
    MSR water purifier
    3 days of food
    eureka solitare tent
    5 pair of socks 
    2 shirts 
    1 pair of cargo shorts
    a camel back
    and a gsi cook set matched with msr pocket rocket
    firestarter and very very basic first aid
    and my total weight was somewhere around 25lbs
  10. thanks, just curious. I'm going to do some solo soon :)
  11. Subbed :D

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  12. Ok so its not letting me load any pic due to size  any suggestions?
    ok so with hiiking one of the thing that draws me in is that you can just get caught up in your surroundings and allow yourself to just stop thinking but also give you to the solitude that if you choose to you can think all day and all i could seem to think about was that i really wish i had a dug-out    what got this on my mind so much was that i had just finished my creek crossing on the route , and of course i decided to smoke a joint I had rolled and was walking along smoking and was very stoned and was trying to get it all put back in my pack when this lady walks by me on the trail and give me that look.... you all know that look. I just kinda laughed in the moment but I think a dugout would be great for hiking. I typically am a vaporizer guy. But anyway like really when you are in the middle of no where who expects to run into someone  
    And look I  know my grammar blows but im stoned and just wanted to get this put out there
    Cool should be a good time. What kind of set up are you thinking about taking?
    I am constantly trading out the different things that I take not sure why just like to see whats best I suppose. The one thing i like more then anything is my stove the MSR pocket rocket. Although I did buy a off brand one the other day and it should be here any time now.
  14. I'll take my hammock, tarp, water unless there's water there and tined food that I can put onto a fire. I think I'll go for a day or two to start off. I normally go fishing(sea) and cook what ever I catch on the fire so hunting is in my intrests :) I love to get away from everything 
    How do you like that Hammock? I have been considering getting one.
  16.  really comfortable :) and it's light/small, I would advise you to get one.
  17. you guys are making me antsy to go solo really bad. I'll have to post some pics once I go after I re-up. :smoke:
    There a bunch of brands now. I like the Hennessy Hammock. It is pretty awesome...simplest thing in the world to setup. It literally takes about 60 seconds once I get it out of my pack...
    yea I need to just get one already
  20. If you do, I would recommend ordering it straight from hennessy hammock. It will come with the "snake skin" which after shipping is a 40 dollar value.
    I got mine from REI but used a 20% off so it worked out.
    Be sure to look at the 2 different styles. I would get a zip model. The original is a velcro entrance from the bottom of the hammock. The newer style is a zipper where the mesh meets the hammock bottom. There is also a explorer ultra lite and a backpacker ultralight. I went with the "explorer asym zip ultralite" one.

    The snake skin allow you simply "wrap" the hammock around the ridge line and then pull the snake skins over the whole thing so it is basically stored in a waterproof sleeve and aids in the fast setup.
    This is exactly how i set mine up...


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