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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by VAD3R, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I just got a phone call from Staple's saying I got the job as a Tech. Associate. It is my first tech job and I love computers and technology. I also talked to the store manager blazed. :devious: Haha. I am excited to say the least.
  2. Congratulations! Always great doing things you enjoy for your job
  3. yaaa fuck bitches get $$$$$$
  4. Oooohhhhhhhh maaaaaann..... you talked to the manager while high, that's awesome, now lets sneak downstairs and get some sweets while your parents are sleeping.

    You're like 15 aren't you?
  5. wtf? How the fuck would be be 15, he talked to the manager high. So what? I won't say you're making a big deal out of nothing because that will be hypocritical but what the fuck is your problem? He wasn't bragging about it in anyway either.
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    fuumanchuu....just STOP

    and Op congrats man
  7. congratulations homie!

    dont fuck it up now. lol
  8. Watch him show up for his first day of work and they're all like, "piss in this cup." I would love to see the look on OP's face. Na but for real good job bro, just don't mess it up.
  9. I thought staples, walmart and the like tested
  10. Awesome! Have fun earning money!! :D
  11. NICE Good job! lol and look forward to smoking much more bud
  12. I will obviously be prepared. I'm not a dumby. :)

    And thanks all.

  13. I stated that more or less because she was telling me when to come in for my first day. When I hung up, I kind of forgot what she said.

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