Got stoned and earned an A on my final paper

Discussion in 'General' started by WhereRDaCookies, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Over thanksgiving I kept procrastinating my final essay for my composition course. Ended up getting really stoned, and at about. 2 a.m. began half ass researching sources. I basically through together a three page paper in an hour and used some techniques to turn it into five. Plugged my sources into easybib (one wasn't even real) am Bam a sure fire F in the making. I turned it in on Tuesday and just got it back today. 96% and Im going to pass the course with an A as long as I don't fuck off the final too. I'm pretty fuckin happy Haha.

    Haha I didn't even proof read that bitch.
  2. Good job man, now wheres my fucking cookies at?
  3. Being stoned is the only way I can deal with school. I love what I study, but some of the instructors are horrible at lecturing. In my last class, the one test I showed up for sober (had 5 altogether) I scored a 75. The lowest grade from the others was a 96.
  4. hey man congrats, but don't expect to always luck out ;)
  5. Good shit my dude
  6. Why wouldn't you proof read it? You spelled threw, 'through' in your small post here.
  7. Great Job man, keep up the good work. I haven't done my work stoned, partially I have though.
  8. Research high, write high, get high scores.
  9. that means you have to get stoned before your final
  10. it just haaaaaaas to happen
  11. Did anyone straight up 100% plagiarize someones whole essay off the internet and not get caught like they say will happen? Are they actually able to search the whole internet and find someones random essay?
  12. Yeah, in my HS you have to submit your paper to a site called and it compares it to a shit ton of other stuff found on the internet, and points out which parts are copied and which arent. i had a paper freshman year about 2pac that was 46% plagiarized but i never got in trouble for it because my teacher was cool as fuck
  13. reminds me of when I had a 6 page research paper due on 4/21 at like 11 am. needless to say I started smoking at 4:20 on 4/20 and didn't stop until after midnight and then churned out the paper and got a 99. was hilarious.
  14. dude thats what i am fucking doing today i have a 5 page essay due tomorrow going to get stoned and do it late at night LOL
  15. I've done that for many a errant term paper and earned many an A for my efforts.
  16. nice work man! adderal works well for school too
  17. i hate the effects of it tho but it does work

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