got some work...w/one problem

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by eldude-arino, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. anyone ever work for weed? i am not keen on the idea at all, i mean i really don't want to do that. but i want to do some work, and it's a friend so i don't exactly want to be like no dude you have to pay me. can't do it for free, he wants some design done for a site + some e-commerce stuff (won't be hard, just time consuming). i'm kind of stuck i guess.
  2. Hm, ive worked for weed before, my buddy gave me a dime to make him a sig for his forum...
  3. see, that i could go for... but for the time i expect to put into this and all, i'd want at least a twamp or more... well, definately more
  4. I've charged my friends weed for doing computer stuff for them. I don't see the difference between it and money, they're both objects worth some amount of money, except one I can use at Walmart.
  5. Iv smoked a joint outside of walmart before.
  6. I smoked a bowl in a Wal-Mart bathroom stall
  7. i make that correlation too... but i have bills, i can't exactly mail the credit card company a dense nug.... oh well it's "chronic" lets hope i can get a dec amount

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