got some dilemas on my hand, some pretty intresting stories, and the munchies

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  1. so im smoking in my bathroom with my freind nick and seth we have the shower on full heat/full blast so to get the smell out way easier and the drifting steam makes for some cool effects BACK TO THE STORY

    so my freind nick takes a single small ass shitty hit wipes away the steam from the mirror looks at his eyes which at this point are completly paper white and are not dialated and yells not whispers not talks he yells "III AM SO STONED RIGHT NOW" in those exzact words

    and eh kept telling me he was high every 5 fseconds in some squeeky mickie mouse style voice which pissed me off to no limit

    at this point im up to my head in utter annoyence of this guy i couldnt believe my eyes this guy nick has been smoking for longer then i have took a break for about a month since he got caught takes a shitt yhit and yells i am so stoned i was amazed at how much he was faking this shit i yelled at him


    he gets all red faced and sits down and we skip him on the rotation once so after were done smoking we walk around go to the pool to make it explainable about our eyes and just because its damn fun to go swimming high hahaha me and my freinds would pretend we would water bend like fucking avatar style in the little kiddie pool haha people would video tape us with there phones and stare


    sorry for the long post i just got to get all this stuff out

    so anyway after all this swimming we walk back to my house well on the way nick walks off and leaves us like we didnt even know where he went so we ditch him and we see him walking and he sees us and he runs after us and he says to us why did u guys leave me and i told him cause u ran off cause ur a dumbass

    yeah that really pissed me off

    im never smoking with him again!

    ok so im getting money tommorow and im going to by a dub sack from my dealer who gives me only the best shit hes got ill be sure to post pics of the ground up chronic hes gonna get me

    i tried to grow some shrooms but the spore didnt grow right and it didnt have the right specifications to grow anyway so i just ate them turned out they wernt shrooms and it just gave me gas haha that sucked really bad i mean atleast it didnt kill me

    and also i almost made my first official deal about 60 bucks worth of labratory shrooms today but the guy wanted them the very first day i told him if he wanted some hed have to wait till my dealer gets back to me on when he gets the shrooms himself

    and basiclly that was my week

    ill make sure to take pics of the fat ground up dub sack im getting



    i sell dope indeed real trees chronic seeds
  2. were the shrooms the munchies
  3. i wish the shrooms were the munchies
  4. Dude, your an asshole, everyones tolerance goes down when they don't smoke. a hit SHOULD get you high if you don't smoke for a while. STFU.

    I would never fucking smoke with a moron like you, I guess that makes up for you not smoking with your friend.
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    after a month of not smoking I would probably be high off 1 or 2 hits. what was the point of this thread, so we can hear you whine about a friend
  6. the op already sounded like a dick and now u sound like a bigger one
  7. dude WTF! u guys dont understand

    this guy is one of the most worst people in my group to smoke with i

    i mean sober hes a good freind and all but when hes smoking he gets annoying as hell

    believe me if u were put in the same situation u would to

    and just before we were smoking i took a 3 month tolerance break and a break to get people off my back for smoking :D

    it took me like 4 hits to get high

    i got pissed at him because he was acting high when he really wasnt

    i mean i could understand if he took one good ass hit and steamed it like a mofo and did that but he took a shitty hit and did the most annoying thing a person can do while high

    1 remind me every 5 seconds he was high

    and 2. he would act high when he really wasnt

    im talking about the same guy i gave a caffeine pill to...told him it was ecstasy and he started trying to fuck my best chick freind that ive known for since i was in grade school !!!!

    i wanted to bitch slap him for doing that
  8. Osh kosh bigosh!
  9. then maybe you shouldn't smoke with someone you hate smoking with
  10. I second that, cool thread:p
  11. smoking with new people isnt always fun

    and your buddy prob lies about how much he smokes. because i know plenty of people that can take like two hits and feel high not supa blowed but high
  12. i've toked with annoying ppl like that b4. This one kid i was tokin with was a real fucking tard. I had like 5 ppl over and we where tokin in the basement wit my parents upstairs, and after one bong rotation this guy starts geeking out and yelling, so we were getting worried about my parents waking up bbecuz this guy was just tripping and being sooo loud. Well after about 3 more bong roations( he only got 1 more, so he had two hits total) this kid starts flat out yelling, so the guy next to hit punched him in the face and he got knocked out lMAO, we all laughed for like 45 min.
  13. :hello::hello:lol
  14. you could have found a nicer way to put it. like "hey man. i get the point. you're high. you don't have to tell me a million times. let's just chill and get high."
  15. hahahaha im glad i have some people in this thread who can relate and agree with me

    i mean i wasnt being a total dick to the guy the whole time it wasnt like he bought it in the first place and we didnt let him smoke

    i bought it was my weed smoking out of my pipe with my other freinds lighter in my bathroom that was inside my house so basiclly i had majority control

    and if he wants to break the rules of smoking u better bet ur ass im going to get pissed the hell off at him
  16. One more reason why 13 year olds shouldn't smoke.
  17. I get the point of you not likeing the kid, but I dont get why you would run to the internet to tell everyone about it? Ive smoked with PLENTY of people that I didnt really like smoking with, but whats the point of making a big deal out of it. Im pretty sure if I stopped smoking for a month or two and took a bong rip I would talk like micky mouse and not even relize it. Hurry make a post about me. /flame
  18. I avoid smoking with ppl like you..
  19. Sounds like you need to take a ride on the Mythical Ethical Icicle Tricycle.

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