got some acid!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by StrangeTimes, May 25, 2009.

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    what a relief to find it, i still have some faith left in humanity...:)
  2. Damn I hope i get some this week, post back and let us know how your trip went!
  3. you from ohio?
  4. Yeah are you from Ohio? because I am and I haven't been able to find anything for awhile.
  5. yeah dudes, i'm in ohio

    this was apparently just a spur of the moment thing- my dude normally never has acid, we just get a ton of pharms here
  6. So... delicious... yum.

    I do love my acid. :)
  7. Know how many mics?
  8. i love me some acid! smoked, now I see Dexter from Dexter's lab floating around my head in a big circle of colors!

    not sure of the mics, but it was probably somewhere within a small to medium dose

    it needed weed to get really really visual, if that makes sense
  9. i need to fry again
    sadly legit acid isnt really around here or i dont know how to find it
    shrooms are much easier to get
  10. another day, another acid pickup!


  11. man your lucky. i havent seen any doses around me for 2 months
  12. im up here in michigan and acid is rarely heard of except at the music festivals
  13. I have 3 left over from last weekend, and just picked up 4 more tabs last night. Should be a fun weekend.
  14. Hop on over to rothbury and stock up:smoking:

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