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Got shorted

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by biG_Green, May 21, 2010.

  1. Ok so today i bought 2.5 g's from a pretty good friend of mine in school for 50. When he handed the bag i commented on the small size of it and he said no worries the buds are real dense.
    I trusted the guy cuz he's not very sketch and seems very upfront. I left school early because i wasn't feeling well and i went to go weigh my pickup. I just got a scale last week, bought it new and it reads to the hundredths place.
    So i weight the bag and the scale reads .92g. I weigh it a couple more times on a hard surface to make sure there wasn't an error and sure enough it reads the same.
    The nugs are big and look like it could be 2 grams so idk if my scale is messed up but i don't think so because its pretty new and I've been taking care of.
    My question is how should i approach him or ask him what's up? this is the first time i got significantly shorted and i'm not really trying to fight him but whatever is necessary, this was really disrespectful to me if he did it purposely and i wanted to see what my fellow blades thought before and go off on him.
  2. 1. Sig = :hello:

    2. Zero out your scale and throw a nickel on there, if it reads 5grams, then he ripped you off, simple as that.
  3. if you thought it was short you shouldn't have bought it in the first place or asked him to weigh it in front of you, pretty much nothing you can do now excep stop using him.
  4. ok. I just did the nickel thing and it read 4.96g so yea i got shorted. How should i approach him about this?
  5. i texted and he said he switch the bags by accident. He said he'd might it right so it's smooth sailing from here
  6. It seems like he tried to short you, and you called him on it. Congrats on getting it worked out, and I bet he won't try to stiff you anymore. :D
  7. ^^^ damn man, atleast you got it figured out....
  8. I'd still be careful with him. I've had a guy short me .8 on a 6g purchase and I found out and called him on it. He came by the next day and gave me a free gram of his new bud to apologize so I thought "Good, this guy knows he made a mistake and fixed it, won't happen again". The next sack I bought was fine, but the one after that was 4g's short of an ounce. I'll never buy from him again. Next time I'd suggest asking him to weigh it in front of you, or to do it yourself if you're comfortable with carrying a scale around.

    Either way, good job on getting it fixed.
  9. yea thanks guys. He should be dropping off the new bag shortly
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    People don't short you on accident unless they eye it out in front of you, and you two agree that this is the method you are going to use. Only an unexperienced dealer will short you significantly on the eyeout. If it's a real (experienced) dealer, they know they're shorting you,I can eye out bud I've been holding for a while and put it on a scale and it'll never be more than .2-.3 off; usually it's exact.

    If he shorted you, recompensated you, and then you bought another sack off him thus giving him another chance to skimp you...




    I call it dope boy magic.


    edit: fixed some mistakes
  11. Well he was dealing to a lot of people at my school today and said he switched the bags by accident. I don't usually buy from him and i only did today cuz my regular guys were dry but i see your point and i'm probably not gonna buy from him again unless i run into a nother dry spell and that point I'd just have to weigh the sac.
  12. be careful buying weed at school...last thing you would want to happen is get kicked out for getting caught with a bag of pot...

  13. Definitely.

    If he shorted other people, they could rat on him just to get payback, and then people start ratting out others.

    Also, if there is another person dealing that doesn't like the guy, he could report some of his buyers.

    But then again - how convenient is this?! :D
  14. Yea, definitely watch out for guys like that. Eventually he will probably try it again with a different strain. If you don't know this guy well, he could be playing you.. and when it comes to my weed, nobody better be playing... lol
  15. My dealers always short me, but that's because NC sucks for weed unless you go to the mountains. When you buy a quarter, you're lucky to get 3g.

    Probably be better if I found better people, but it's easier said than done. The people I buy from don't like to give up who they get from, because they definitely don't grow it.
  16. Weigh it in front of me. Otherwise, no deal. Ive played too many games with this shit.

    Besides, why would they care if you wanted it weighed in front of you, UNLESS THEY ARE RIPPING YOU OFF.
  17. Did he drop that off yet? How many g you get anyway?
  18. reality check:

    he didn't switch up the bags man.

    he tried to short you, make better friends.
  19. Charlotte, Raleigh, Greenville, Wilmington, and greensboro disagree with that statement :D

    People around here usually hook up your bag with an extra nug or two. I havent been shorted since I was in high school.
  20. okay i know its shittiy but a lot of times it goes just like this.
    even if youve gotten straight bags from someone in the past dont let your gaurd down
    times are rough and sometimes people will do what they can to make a quick buck.
    maybe you get ten good bags and the eleventh is only about half a gram off.
    you probably wouldnt even notice it unless you weighed it out.
    then maybe hed try that a couple more times if you still dont notice he might try a gram
    if you still dont notice hell keep shorting you a gram every time until you do notice
    or hell keep shorting it a little more every time until you notice.
    especially if its the first time you go to someone. sometimes theyll short you on purpose
    just to see if you even know what youre buying and if you dont notice
    you because one of their new favorite customers
    now im not saying everyone is like this but humans are greedy
    you have to pay attention if you dont want to get ripped off
    and most people will fix a bag for you if you confront them about it
    because if someone shorts you they know they shorted you
    almost NEVER will they try to tell you that it actually weighed if you weight it yourself
    and if they still give you shit take your business elsewhere
    i hope that was helpful. try to find one or two reliable dealers.

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