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Got Shorted, Got 8.46 Grams Instead Of 10 Grams

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Valex, May 31, 2013.

  1. So I met this guy at work, he has smoked 2 blunts with me and I've bought from him... Now 3 times.
    I paid $100 for 10 grams, weighed it when I got home and it was 8.46 grams. On Monday he fronted me 1.5 grams and I paid him back $10 earlier today (Maybe he forgot and took out 1.5 from the 10?).   
    Should I TXT him and WHAT should I txt him?

  2. Invite him over like everythings cool, ask him if he wants to match and then once he gets face to face, just ask him... "Hey man, the last bag you sold me was a little short, wanna throw a fat blunt down to make it even?"
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    So I shouldn't say something? Just bring it up next time I buy?
    Just invite him over while you have weed, and offer to smoke with him. Ask him to match what you throw down, then once he gets there, point out that your bag was short. Ask him to make up the difference.
  5. I would wait for the second time and call him right when you measure it, always allow once for leeway fuck you never know maybe he was out completely. 
  6. yes,
    Dealers don't like to be confronted it could startle them or make them all defensive. So bringing it up is a better approach. Dealers are like birds man gotta be careful.
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    yeah that's true.. He did front me a free .5 pretty much because I only paid him back $10 for 1.5 grams, which was Monday I think.. If you look at it that way. And he's smoked his own blunts/weed with me before. I'll just wait and see what the weight is on the next one.
    This, just be cool about it. It was probably an honest mistake. Like I said, ask him to bring some bud over to smoke, and then ask him about making up the 1.5.
  9. I picked up the bud 30 minutes ago and I haven't smoked it yet.. It's frosty as hell and smells great. Time to smoke, cheers.
  10. #10 Valex, May 31, 2013
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    Holy shit....... One to many god damn hits, this shit is SATIVA. I've only smoked sativa once and that was a 4th a week ago... And this is way better, he said it would be. H.o.l.y SHIT.
  11. I want your dealer dude! You paid only about a dollar more per gram than I do when I get a zip.
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    Ya tip of the NORTHWEST prices are very decent... You can get zips from 200-260/oz. Nothing but great quality. I pulled just the loose stuff off my nug, which is covered in frost and I loaded a bowl, smoked it and I'm pretty damn blazed.. I'm so used to Indica that this is kicking my ass haha. The head high feels so much different than the mainly body chill one.. My guess is frommm 85% SATIVA 15% INDICA... Probably.
    Wait are you making fun of my prices or do you pay 1$ less but worse bud?
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    Naaa not making fun at all. I was pretty much alluding to exactly what you had said about the price of an oz being much less. 
    I mean if I want to pay the same price per G for a qp as you did for 8.46 then I could get a nice purp/sourD hybrid. But 1300 is a little expensive for a qp so I will stick to zips or less for now of my normal stuff. It's nice but nothing outrageous,
    Edit: BTW Welcome to the City!!! :D
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    Uh oh, I ended up texting my dealer about it being 8.5, no biggie. He like "nah it was 9.5". I said "ya it's all good bro, you've smoked me out hella and the .5 extra the other day".. him "for real though it was 9.5"... < He hasn't replied to any of my txts now after that, shitt. So I replied "You werent lying about it bein better though".. 'though'? does that make it sound like he was lying about the weight? I didn't mean it to sound like that.
  15. Well, dealers don't really like being confronted. Even if it is like passive aggressive. I'd say it is probably either your scale or his scale being fucked up. Weigh a dollar bill on yours. It should be 1g.
  16. Lol call him out and tell him to calibrate his fucking scale and stop trying to rip people off. 9.5? man fuck him if that was true than he still shorted you half a gram. He does that shit to the wrong person and he could get his ass stomped. Your dealer sucks man get a new one. Trying to rip people off and shit. 
  17. this^^ plus it sounds like he gave you bagged weight too since it was exactly 1 gram off from what he said and what you weighed
  18. I'd be upset too, OP. You paid for 10g not 8.46. And who cares if he's smoked you up that was completely his decision with his weed should have nothing to do with your recent purchase. I'd tell him to make it right on the next buy or never fuck with him again. Dude will respect you more instead of knowing you're an easy target to rip off.
  19. This is interesting, what ever happened?

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  20. never confront a dealer it will get you no were. just find a new connect if one isn't working, trust me their are plenty out their

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