Got rolled on

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BONGZILLA420, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. I was chilling with my buddy Tom smoking and delivering pizzas when all the sudden we see a cop pass us. He turns back around and pulls us over. He thought we were a bunch of kids with beer but we just had all this pizza and pop with us. He lets us go and we lit up a celebration blunt.
  2. HA! thats awesome dude..i woulda ate the pizza's, i'd never be a good delivery dude.
  3. I wanted to eat one so bad.
  4. yeah thats fun smoked a celebration blunt, did he search you or was he like just get the fuck out of here
  5. No he understood why we were speeding but we had like 4 grams and a pipe and a blunt wrap on us.
  6. haha thats some shit dude. man have you ever been almost caught so many times that youre not even paranoid anymore? 2 weeks ago i bought a dime from my friend at his locker, standing like 5 feet away from a cop. he gave it to me in a folded up newspaper page and i gave him the money.
  7. No, I still get pretty geeked when I get pulled over.
  8. The lights from the cop really trip you out when getting pulled over. I learned this from getting pulled over on a mushroom/salvia trip
  9. Yeh the lights are what freak me out but the cop was cool.
  10. I was delivering down on Tuckalechee Pike one night and I had a big joint in my mouth and out of nowhere I see the red and blues behind me. I almost shit a brick. I put it out fast and pulled over thinking I was fucked but he ended up blazing past me. Its happened several times so I've stopped smoking at work. That and I'd drive past peoples houses and streets forgetting what I was doing. :D
  11. haha hell yeah man, nice. I got pulled over going 49 in a 35 once with a quarter of some stinky stinky skunk in my fleece pocket, three cases of beer in the trunk, and two girls in my back seat had open beers. And my bowl was in my pocket too. I also did not have my driver's license on me since I bought the beer using a fake and I left my real at home on accident. When I got rolled on I was thinking to myself I can say goodbye to my life for the next couple years, but was the sheriff and he still just gave me a warning and told me to go home. I was so happy I got so fucked up that night...
  12. man that was a lucky pull off you had there congrats

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