Got ripped off.

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  1. Well i decided it would be better for me to start buying in bulk now that i have some loot saved up and one friend told me he knew a guy that could get me some dank bud for non outrageous prices. personally, i think i got ripped off Kinda...payed 300 for a zip of this.

    Quality fluffy bud, but i hate paying anymore than 10 per gram for ANY bud. fucking northeast prices...
  2. You said it right there.

    (Besides vermont, interestingly enough.)
  3. dude it doesnt look that bad for 300 for an ounce i think it looks pretty dank
  4. Yeah thats some dank ass bud. But your right, unless its some SERIOUSLY dank shit, like crystal coated. It shouldnt be anymore than 10 dollars a gram.

    But really, thats a pretty average street price for bud like that. You didnt get ripped off, you just had to pay a shitty price, but its normal.
  5. 300 a zip for purps?

    not what I'd call getting ripped off

  6. you're all right. after the first session, this was worth every penny. and definitely beats paying 20 a gram or 50 an eighth :smoke:
  7. for sure man, I never have enough cash to buy zips

    its all dubs and 8ths for me :D
  8. Although it does look like good smoke, just because its purple doesn't mean its good, the bud turns purple from cold temperatures, theres only a few strains that are naturally purple.(GDP being one of them)
  9. nice pickup.

    too bad you drive a saturn. ;)

  10. ahaha
  11. definately a good deal man, no rip off here
  12. Dude thats nice shit you should see the stuff I got lately and compare it to that.
  13. looks like some good bud. 300 might have been a little pricy though, yeah.

  14. lmao when i didnt buy it i cant complain.

    but when i do buy, with my money, my first car the main factor will be gas mileage. in that aspect a saturn's not bad, altho ill probably go with a prius or smart car >_>
  15. This is why I love canada :smoke:

  16. amen, before i establish my career i could only imagine myself living in cali or canada. better quality, better prices, and better attitude towards my lovely mj.

    this bud was supposedly from california, of course im skeptical. but usually i get some nice beasters which i suspect are from canada, for a good price(225).
  17. Homo alert.

    Jk buddy
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    Dude are you from MN? Look, I have picked up the exact same looking bud.. and it was even some purp along with some green. Anyways check out the pics. Was there a name on your bud?

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  19. does look similar, but no, i'm from the northeast. As i already said tho, this bud is supposedly from california. i dont know the connect that well so idk how much truth there is to that. more importantly how much you pay for this stuff over there?
  20. You diden't get riped off.

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