Got ripped before SAT's and scored a..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ebola weed, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. 1550.. average i guess. im gonna retake em tho haha. anyone else get high before taking their SATs?
  2. I got a 1510 normal I feel stupid haha
  3. I got drunk and stoned both of the nights before I took my SAT and ACT. I made a 1790 and 28 hahaha
  4. 1790 while stoned as fuck. Said fuck it no more testing for me!
  5. You take the SAT when your 16, what?

    besides the point, retake that haha
  6. Boy they have changed the SAT since I took them - at that time the highest score was a 1600, and I think I got a combined 1230 the first time.
  7. You can take the sat your senior year but I did bad in mines.. Shoulda went stoned
  8. Got a 1750 and was hella blazed. That was a few years ago though.
  9. you dont have to take them when ur 16. im a senior year and this was my first year taking them..
  10. yeah i didn't really take it my parents made me do it. my overall score was under 1000 i don't remember.. but i did get a 420 on math!! woohooO!11
  11. I got the exact same. I was straight ripped. I would have been better off if I knew that if you answer incorrect you get -1, and that if you don't answer your would get a 0 haha.
    I feel like I should have gotten ~1700
  12. take the mcat stoned and ill buy you a pound
  13. done.... :devious:
  14. why.....take your studies seriously weed is obviously holdin you back, average should never be enough.
  15. My opinion has always been, if I don't try and can get B's, why put forth extra effort to get A's when I can be average and have a good time. I don't need Grades or a test to tell me that I'm smarter than you.
  16. exactly why im retaking them, sober!
  17. i remember i was debating whether taking mine high, and ended up going sober. i did end up having to bring weed with me to the test though because i had plans to blaze afterwards with a friend haha
  18. I smoked up before both the CBEST and the CSETS - which are tests you have to take in order to start your teaching credential. I aced BOTH of them, and the CSETS are HAAAARD
  19. that's awesome! are you a teacher now?

  20. So getting stoned before tests is a good time? You can easily manage your studies and smoking while still going out. When it comes down to getting a job, and your resume is only "average", you'll understand....

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