Got really, really bored during work... check out my new drawing!

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Retroshark, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. so i got hella bored at work and had my guitar with me. so i picked up a local sharpie and got to work drawing. heres what i ended up with!


  2. That's amazing man!
    such a personalized strat. I love it.

    Did you do it all in sharpie originally? i would have been fucking worried about messing up. How much cash was that model strat? My guitar was 800 bucks so drawing on it (even with your talent) would freak the shit out of me. I'd definitely lay down a pencil sketch before going over it in sharpie if I was doing that lol

    but it came out awesome man. I almost want to ask you to draw on my guitar, but it really isn't the type that would go well with art on it.

    I'll post a pic of my guitar later.. no matter where on the internet I look i cannot find an identical replica of my guitar. It's a Gibson ES-135 Semi-hollow blue guitar-- but searching for it brings up close lookalikes-- but nothing that has the exact same features of my guitar. Some have extra features, some lack features.

    I guess my guitar is one-of-a-kindish. lol

    edit: up for some stonage later, possibly>?
  3. well, my strat cost 175 in the day, like 8 years ago, i changed all the pickups and most of the hardware which was another 300 and im getting a new neck which will be in the 2-300 range. its not a good guitar by any means, i just draw on things when im bored. i already sanded and repainted it pnce, so thats always an option if i want to change it again.
  4. Eh, after updating the pickups and the neck (and other hardware?) I'm sure that's gonna be a great-sounding stratocaster dude
    I'm after a strat of my own. I have the money for it, actually. I've still got all this money from my bar-mitzvah that's been untouched for all these years... I'm considering the possibility of pulling a little chunk of it out to please my desire.

    Basically every guitarist that i idolize bases their sound off of a stratocaster. lol

    edit: but seriously man i love what you did to that guitar. It's so much more unique then it's built to be. lol
  5. Thats so sick
    I was going to sharpie my snowboard, I painted it white and everything, but my sharpies get fucked up in like 1 minute from the texture on the board. But yeah dude that tight you shouldve kept it like that
  6. Nice to see some other Jewish stoners out there, haha. But seriously, Bar Mitzvah money was like a serious fund all through college.
  7. nice macbook pro mang, i'm on one right now myself :)
  8. its a powerbook, im oldschool!
  9. Killer designs dude, good work. +rep for the macbook pro.
  10. Shweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
  11. Wow, that's absolutely gorgeous!! Well done!
  12. Pretty sick yo come draw on my drum kit.
  13. good composition, your ideas really work there ways all around the guitar, theres interest on every inch of the body of this squier

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