Got Really High And Came Up With A Theory

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  1. Now before i start, this idea is kind of out there and if you dont have something productive to say, and are planning on either trolling or being a dick just dont please.
    Ok so I'm a religous person and am spirtual, I also belive in certain conspiracies, like most of us do.
    So I believe in destiny and things happen for a reason and blah blah blah.
    So I was really high and can no longer remember how I came to this but I recieved some sort of vision that the Anti-Christ is coming.
    Now I am not sure if I fully believe this myself, but please give what you think about it and share any of your own stories.

  2. Well if you are religious and spiritual, how could you not believe an anti-christ is coming? :smoke:
  3. Idk but I read part of the left behind series when I was religious and I still think that shit could happen. I'm not religious anynore as you can see by my sig but there is still a small shred of thought that I get towards religion that I want to believe but it doesnt make sense.

    People still call obama the antichrist but maybe if a republican somehow makes it into office then your vision could be true.
  4. Lol thanks man and yea I definatly believe in religion but im not going to sit here and preach to you. Every generation thinks that theirs will be the last, and I'm a skeptical person, but if it happens it happens. Has any one else got really baked and came up with some crazy religous experience or something?
  5. Give up following the religion. You will be more free than you were.
  6. Well, I'm Pagan myself, so I don't really believe in Heaven or Hell, and so I don't really believe in the concept of the Devil or his supposed spawn, but I do believe that change is coming.
    The world is on the brink of another World War, imo, and I think that potentially your vision, premonition, whatever label is being put to it may be your own subconscious self giving you the heads-up to get ready for some real bad shit.
    The human mind is capable of far more than we have yet to understand, so it wouldn't surprise me if you are having premonitions of some sort, that doesn't mean I necessarily believe that everything is exactly as it seems in that vision. Jesus spoke in proverbs, he was not speaking literally of seeds and the earth, maybe this vision was not literally -the- antichrist, but an 'evil' figure bringing change.
  7. I sometimes feel very close to my deity, after smoking, particularly on clear sunny days when I can just sit and contemplate life and nature and the center of spirituality. Being Wiccan I have the feeling of being at church or in temple just by taking a quiet walk outside or sipping my coffee on my deck, and this pleases me, gives me a very calm peaceful feeling.
    However I feel like if I were stoned all the time I would feel like I was neglecting my responsibilities as a human being, I personally feel it is very important to be fully present and experience the world around you because, no matter who your God or Goddess or Higher Power may be, the world we live in is a gift that they gave us, and if you don't believe in any power at all, than this world is simply a miracle that you should be more thankful for than anything else; without it you wouldn't be here.
  8. I
    I agree with you, on both comments. And actually I have had the belief that change is coming soon for a while. Just a feeling inside I cant explain that something is going to happen. I have seen the same suspicion I have with other people around my age. Now I believe in a God, what he is I dont know but he exist.
  9. I understand the feeling. I believe in the Goddess and the God, and I just hope that, whatever is coming, they will carry me through that I may learn from it and be a better person after.
  10. Yea, and pagan, ive hears it mirrors Christianity, and some say Christianity is stolen from it. If you dont mind could you go through what it means to you to be pagan, and what your main beliefs are.
  11. Please allow me to preface this with I apologize if some of these thoughts are incomplete, I am a little distracted by multiple people talking at me at once as well as trying to type this out, but if its confusing I am more than willing to answer questions. I would also like to add that I have been practicing Wicca for a very short period of time, and am technically still just dedicated to the study not an initiate of the practice.
    Well, as i said, I believe in both a Goddess and a God who are co-creators. I personally feel I have put the Goddess slightly above the God, as she is the Mother of all life. When praying or performing ritual the Deity may be called by any of the names used in non-found, pantheistic religions, ie Gracco/Roman, Egyption, Babylonian, Hindu, Celtic etc., the Names and faces used in these are just facets of the true Goddess and God.
    Now, finding a generalized belief system is hard to do because of all the persecution of Pagans during the Burning Times, so Paganism is really a very loose term. I call myself Wiccan because I do believe in magic, which the bible does not deny the existence of, and spirits and all that stuff. I try to follow the wheel of the year which is the calendar of holidays.
    Now, part of the reason I got into Paganism because I have always been very connected to nature, I have always felt more reverent, calm, and at home in the woods or by the water. I see the connections between nature and people and the ways things coexist.
    Now Wicca has some basic rules very similar to Christianity, like don't bring harm to others and whatnot, and its true that Christianity kind of absorbed a lot of Pagan traditions, Halloween and Easter being two of the most recognizable, Christmas has a ton of different traditions stolen from a bunch of Pagan beliefs. They did this to try and convert the peoples they were conquering at the time, to try and make the conversions a smoother process.
    I don't think that Christianity is a bad thing persey, I do believe that there are fanatics who are a damaging force, and those exist in all religions.
  12. I have heard that egyptians were pagans, and that their was a prophet who died on a cross in pagan beliefs, are either of these things true.
  13. Well, Paganism is defined as
    1: heathen 1; especially : a follower of a polytheistic religion (as in ancient Rome)

    Which means that anyone who isn't say Christian, Jewish, Islamic or any of the "found" religions (meaning that God unveiled them to man, and generally having some sort of holy book). The groups I listed previously are all considered Pagan, as well as Shamanistic beliefs like Native Americans who worship animals and nature.
    Now the idea of a "prophet" isn't really set in Pagan ideas because they don't really believe in such a thing, preferring to see every practitioner as able to communicate with the Goddess or God, but I don't know for sure whether that is true or not, I simply have not come across it in my study, though I do know that crucifixion was a popular punishment far before Christ. It was done throughout many cultures, Norse, Japanese, Germanic, etc. though not always on man made crosses.
    Actually, now that I think of it, if you look at Odin, he was tied to the World Tree and pierced in the side with a spear and left to die, rose again. Horus died and rose again, as did the Husband if Ishtar in Babylonian mythology.
  14. Horas, thats the one I was thinking of. I saw a video where they did a comparison of him to Jesus.
  15. There are quite a few ancient Gods and Goddesses that can be compared to the Messiah, the church did what it had to to easily convert its newest subjects, really it was a smart move on their part, and just because not all of the pomp and circumstance is truly theirs doesn't mean that there isn't merit to the belief in its most basic belief.
    Hmm.. how to put it better... I feel like I am being less eloquent than I would like... Its not the little things like that which turned me away from Christianity, I knew about these discrepancies even when I was a practicing christian, there are core ideals in the religion that made me question.
  16. im a christian which means i follow the practices of christ ie seaking knowledge and being good to other people. i look at heaven, hell, and purgatory as ways of life. heaven as being the ideal lifestyle you want to lead, hell as being a lifestyle you don't want to lead, and purgatory as being a caught in between where you are and where you want to be.
    satan and god relate to people. someone who is satanic relishes in self satisfaction and greed, while a godly person loves others and and all types of life on earth.
    7 deadly sins wont send you to a place of fire and brimstone (well figuratively). We all commit those sins sometime in our lives, but a person who constantlly does these things is generally looked upon as a bad person to those who understand moderation and civility.
    IMO the Antichrist is someone who is entirely consumed in acts of evil and shows no sympathy toward his fellow human beings while using them for his/her own personal gain.
  17. I respect your opinion and that is a figurative way at looking at it however i personally believe it is deeper than that.
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    well i spent my childhood in catholic school, so i know ALL about the gospels. it's only been in recent years that i've started to look at the stories as metaphors for life.
    you can read almost any biblical story and find a way to relate it to something you've seen or experienced.
    i believe there's many connections that can be made between science and religion. people that chose one over the other are most ignorant. They are chosing to miss out on the higher understanding that an be obtained by combining the physical universe with spirituality.
    i believe in the afterlife, though it's very hard to explain how I view it. To me, it's kinda like a release of energy where living spirits become intertwined with the energy of the universe. It's like a super clarity. Nirvana, so to speek. This is based on various dreams and out of body experiences I've had where i was sort of like this glowing orb floating through space feeling free and happy.
  19. its probably personal, like something is going to test your faith soon
  20. Yea thats great you seem very enlightned, im glad it works for you.

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