Got punched by some radom asshole.

Discussion in 'General' started by blowbud4life, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. I was walking down Main Street and i walked pass this car and a I turn around and see some guy getting out. I started waking to him thinking he wanted to bum some money or ws looking for something.(drugs). I got up to him and then he said" You got me fucking arrested" then I got a right hook to my head. I looked up and he started walking back. I would of foguht back cept the fact that there was another guy in the car. A few seconds later they just drive off. He must of thought i was somebody. Stupid fucking idiot.
    Anybody else have expereince like this?
  2. what a dick, you were gonna help him out too, some people...
  3. Well, at least you didn't get shot ;)
  4. Yeah. My left side on my head hurts cuz of that duche bag.
  5. You should find out who it is and plant something at his house then call the cops. If hes going to punch you for something you never did you might as well get the asshole arrested.
  6. were you too fucked up to get the plates? i mean hello. first of all ill be damned if i let someone do that to me, but i also spend a lot of time working out.

    next time (well thats probably never gonna happen again so idk)

    sorry dude.
  7. Well I would of gotten the plates but getting punched out of blue, i didn't relly think about the plates till they left.

    Meatwad- I wish I knew who it was. Me and my buddies would of fucked them up.
  8. get the fuck up throw a rock through his window they get out act like ur gonna whipp out a Mutha Fuckin gun, be like what u wann start shit thats right back the FUck up before u get blaste on!!
  9. that sucks dude.

    what a pussy move to just do that to someone. and if you are gonna deck someone you should make sure it is who you are supposed to be punching...shitty luck
  10. Dude you shoulda had the camera rollin dude woulda ben much better watching yourslef get knocked the fuck down haha:hello:
  11. lol wow that sucks for you man
  12. I am actually friends with this guy who i initally met when he was piss drunk and he punched me in the eye.

    First impressions can be deceiptive.
  13. In that type of situation I would have looked for the nearest blunt object and threw it as hard as I could at his windshield...

  14. Hehe. Are you saying he's going to come back and smoke a reefer with him? :hello: :rolleyes:

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