Got pulled up with an ounce.

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  1. I called my dealer and he was out so i asked to pick it up and he agreed to deal it in my car so i was with the boys and we had to go pick it up from a place that isnt too far, as i pulled up he jumps in and goes drive drive, i look and see 2 undercover cops walking over so i do the responsible and smart thing and not drive and ask them whats up trying to play it cool but as the car i drive which is a subaru rx, i look a bit shady and i think they assumed that i was the dealer..

    the dealer who looks 13 but is like 15 or 16 was carrying a big saddy bag with about 28 sticks, 1 ounce, he was searched and patted down but they didn't feel it and than after all of us being searched and my car being searched he comes over to me and goes "i smell weed and know 100% that you probably have a bit of weed in your car but i cant find it so ill let you go" .. we got lucky there but a time before that i didnt haha

    LOL ill tell you the story, about a month ago when i was dutching my car with the boys at a dark dead end place , another car was there when we pulled up and they looked like they were smoking, but after they left we joked around being ripped as saying like imagine they called the cops since they left and shit :L

    10 minutes later another car drives up and its another undercover, my mate grabs are weed and slowly climbs out the back door and dissapears into the forest which is what i thought cause i was so high but the cops could smell the weed easily, they line us up on the ground and search my car where they find the cone piece(bowl) in the car and as we are sitting down my mate laughs and goes fuck i shouldnt have put the weed under the car tyre, 2 minutes later the cop walks over with our weed haha, he took my keys and told me hes taking them to my dad and telling him i smoke weed, which was bad because he didnt know so i was shitting it and rang my mate to pick me up, i got home before the cops got to mine , told my dad about smoking and he laughed since he only quit from smoking when he was my age XD now he lets me and the boys make my garage into a stoner cave which we done so :p

  2. how come ya buy weed from a 15 year old?
  3. I'm guessing you didn't say that you don't consent to any searches
  4. guessing hes 15 haha but on grasscity he is 18
  5. well im good mates with the dealers brother so its really easy to get on

    the police where i live are different, if you don't agree to a car search youre basically trying to get yourself into more shit
  6. Don't do business with children who appear to be 13 years old.

  7. actually i'm 18 (as you read, i have my licence)
  8. it's alot easier to hustle a 15 year old dealer than a 30 year old dealer ;)
  9. you can get a license at 16...
  10. [quote name='"livinlifebro"'] you can get a license at 16...[/quote]

    not in Europe MATE!
  11. Sorry, but buying from a 15 year olds is pathetic, regardless of what the alternative is.
  12. How are we supposed to know where he lives? He never mentioned it.

    He just smuggly inferred that we should all know he's 18 because he's got a license.
  13. maybe he is european, because in America its a car tire, not a car tyre
  14. my only encounter with the police
    cop: you boys been smoking weed?
    me: no sir just hash (clearly high after 1g solo of some hash)
    cop: (laughing) i can smell it! try to stay at home on that stuff
    me:*cashed face* off to buy juice
  15. .....really?


  16. weed from a fifteen year old .
  17. [quote name='"backy"']it's alot easier to hustle a 15 year old dealer than a 30 year old dealer ;)[/quote]

    more like its easier robbin those lil busters
  18. [quote name='"GVViNMQINTYRX"']

    more like its easier robbin those lil busters[/quote]

    No harm in "upin a mag" on the tots every once in a while. Hell it builds character if anything.
  19. Wow great story man. I'm thinking of saving it in the encyclopedia I'm writing under the entry for interesting story.

  20. you're pathetic.

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