Got pulled over.

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  1. So it was me and two other friends me in the back seat.
    we were out partying and were on out way home when the driver decides he wants to run the stop sign.

    and guess who was chillin in the dark. a Cop.

    Things to know.
    We were all intoxicated and under the legal drinking age.
    Theres a 3 foot Pure bong in the back seat in plain veiw behind the drivers seat. And the window was rolled down.

    So we pull over and quickly stash the weed and beer cans.
    I didnt even know we were being pulled over until i saw the cop walking up.
    but he comes up shines his light directly on the bong, but didnt say anything about it.
    the cop asks for the lisence and registration yada yada yada,
    my friend and the cop bullshit back and forth, he ended up letting us go with a warning.
    i was pretty relived. it was the first time being pulled over.
    pretty glad it turned out okay!:hello:
    this is the bong.

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  2. word, dope bong
  3. cool cops? since when? The closest ive gotton to pulled over is we was drivin and we had smoked like 4 bowls of some great dank and all baked we see the cop but were all chill.. cuz we live in an area with alot of cops and seeing cops when were baked is no new thing.. he turns and follows us.. were all chill just a lil on edge like any stoner would be.. when boom he turns on his cherrys and 2 of us have weed on us.. we pull over and the FUCKING COP PASSES US TO GET A SPEEDER IN HEAD OF US!! dude we was all shittin bricks we were all like WTF DO WE DO WTF DO WE Do!?!?!:):confused::eek: keep tokin and that is a cool story:smoking::smoking:
  4. that was a legit cool cop.
  5. thats a sick piece of glass my friend, but a word of advice would be never roll around with a bong, it may be fun and all but they're just to damn hard to hide most of the time
  6. Haha yeah thanks guys.
    it was pretty legit. the cop was a county sheriff they are usually more chill the the city police.

    that bong is way to big too hahaha

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