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Got pulled over

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KSU, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. on my way to work this morning. I got a $174 ticket :mad: (35 in a 20mph school zone which I did not see, and nobody else slowed down for). Anyways, crazy part is that I had my little bong, joint roller with papers, about a quarter of stuff, and 5 pipes with me (yeah, that was a bad idea, don't ask why I had all that shit). I was pretty nervous sitting there. Anyways, that's it...better go smoke away my sorrows :smoking:.
  2. your luck just cost you $174. Congratulations on not getting caught with all that shit man.
  3. I gotta ask,why the FUCK would you carry so much unnecessary shit with you?
  4. Well last night I was with some friends and we just were smoking a ton so at the time we were like, "hey, lets get all the shit together and just smoke it up". Now...that doesn't seem like it was such a great idea in retrospect lol. Thank God I didn't get searched.
  5. well that's good you didn't get caught, but be careful when you have shit like that in your car. In some states it's not a big deal, in others you will be getting ass fucked for it lol.
  6. yeah, i got pulled over after goin to a 24 HR CVS to pickup some munchies. Cop caught me doin 55 in a 25..... He asked where i was comin from at 2am, so i said CVS to get some fooooood. He then asked to see it LOL!!!! I showed him a big ass bag of funyans, twinkies, mountain dew, and some type of party mix named "MUNCHIES", which was printed in HUGE letters. cop giggled and walked back to his car.

    Got hit with a $100 ticket, 20 feet from my house. gayyyyyy. anyways it should have been $350 but he wrote it down...

    wasnt riding dirty, but still damn.... (well i was high).... :hello:
  7. i woulda been like my house is right there!
  8. Yeah a lot of cops figure your just some dumbass stoner and just get some money out of you with a ticket. Most police know Marijuana ain't bad.:smoking::smoking:
  9. very true, there are good cops out there. not all cops are the stingy little bastards that is associated to them via stereotype.

    i can understand if someone has been busted and that they may have a rage against police, but when they say kill all pigs or fuck the pigs, it kinda irritates me because, 1. they are doing their job, they can get in a lot of trouble if they are caught letting someone go after being caught, 2. not all cops are that way.

    sorry i had to rant! back to topic!

    OP: where was all the stuff? trunk?
  10. You lucked out...

    That's a reckless driving charge where I live sadly.
  11. It was in a backpack in the back seat.
  12. You're lucky he didn't ask you what was in there. Or like I said earlier he prolly knew just didn't care because he doesn't care about weed.:smoking:
  13. In CA the cops literally dont give a shit. My friend got caught with an 1/8, some honeybud and hash and the cop didnt even know what the hash or the honeybud was. All that he asked him to do was to stomp it out on the ground and then let him ticket or anything! Same thing has happened to other friends multiple times lol. Man i love california.

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