Got pulled over Friday

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, May 6, 2003.

  1. Me and two friends were coming back from seeing X2 on Friday night. We went to the late night show. So we are going back to my friends house, and i see a cop pull a U behind me, so im like hide your shit guys! sure enough, the lights go on, and i pull over. i guess i had a tail light out, and it was past curfew. and i guess he smelled "a strong odor of marijuana". well go figure, we smoked some joints before we went into the movie. he asks if we have anything on us, and we all say no.

    soooooo he gets us all out of the car and searches us and finds a pipe on my friend. the cop said if he wouldve coughed it up, then he wouldnt have gotten a ticket. the cop says " you should pass on grass, its illegal! " whatever. then they search my car and didnt see my pipe lying out in the open, and they sure as hell didnt see my half oz. hidden in my steering wheel (i dont have a horn). so out of the three of us, the only one to get a ticket was my friend for his pipe. his mom tried to blame it on me! stupid bitch.. anyways, just thought i would share my story. i said i didnt have a pipe because i didnt know they could search the car just if they smelled it. so couldnt they say the smelled it even if they really didnt just to search your car? that is fucked up! i asked the cop if they had the right, and they said yes since they smelled the weed.

  2. that sucks man. lucky they didnt do a full search of your car to find the 1/2oz.;)
  3. did they ask you first if they could search the car? you live in the U.S.?......Peace out.....Sid
  4. sometimes they'll pull a K9 unit for something like that.. glad they didn't find your stash man...
  5. That's bullshit! Did the cop even ask you if it was alright if he searched you? Because you could have said no! And yeah, the "strong odor of marijuana" is probable cause to most pigs. grrrrr. At least he didn't get your bud or your piece. It's almost worse getting caught with paraphernalia now in the Chicago area than it is bud b/c the fine for a piece is now $750.00 :(
  6. if u refuse to let them entry and they still go in u could maybe get a judge to think that they didn't have probable cause just from smell easily
  7. damn thats kewl he didnt find your 1/2 oz and your pipe! dumbass cops! anyways atleats u only got a ticket. is weed discriminalized in your state? where u live?
  8. no i didnt get a ticket, my friend did for his pipe. i live in minnesota, and its definitely not decriminalized!

  9. how can u get a ticket for a pipe? and why did the officer say he pulled u over?
  10. he said i had a missing tail light, but i thought one of them was just not as bright as the other.. my head lights are very dim. there was resin in the pipe, so he got a ticket for paraphanelia o_O

  11. yea man that sucks, some friends and me got pulled over saturday in point (town like 20 miles from here), we were going like 12 over and he was just like, "hey, got any other tickets" "No" "okay then, its just gonna be a warning"... and we were pretty damn high too,,, so of course we had to talk to him some more and ask were the disk golf courses were! ha, but yea he was good shit.

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