Got pulled over by an asshole cop last night

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  1. So I know, cops are just doing their jobs right? Well they don't need to be an asshole about things. Me and two buddys of mine a girl and a guy were riding around you know just chillin. Were just like dude "lets go on an adventure!" Now Me being me , I'm stoned because it was a friday night. So were riding around and we pull into an aldis and park just to chill. A cop sees us in the parking lot and turns into the parking lot flashes his lights. I'm scared shitless because I've never been pulled over before and I was high as shittttt. My buddies all cool about it and hes good. My other buddy was fine but mad because she thought we had nothing to be pulled over for. None of us had anything on us but jake had cigarettes. So we waited while he stayed in his car , and another car comes up. 2 fucking cars for 3 teenagers. So a cop comes up and hes like , what are you doing here? and my buddy who was driving was like hey we were just messing around driving around and decided to park here. Then the cop says "you guys got any weed on you? I smell strong marijuana." I was like shitttttttt but we didn't have anything so my buddys like dude you can search the car I don't care. He searched it for a good 15 minutes, he was really determined to find something. He didn't find shit though. He was being an asshole about it though acting like we were up to no good. THe other cop was cool as shit and was talking to me and my buddys while the asshole was searching. They also patted us down and shit , which my buddy whos a girl thought was illegal because she was a girl but I'm not sure. But they search the thing and don't find anything so they let us go. But it just pisses me off that he had to be an asshole and try to find shit on us. I had smoked an hour before and had sprayed cologne and brushed my teeth after so they didnt smell shit they were saying that. I fucking hate lieing cops. And I especially hate asshole cops. I know, they are just doing their jobs , but they don't have to make up shit so they can get an arrest. Plus I had gotten arrested earlier yesterday due to fighting in school lol. Fucking assholes.
  2. Just a word of advise to your friend. NEVER tell a cop "sure you can search my car", You never know, you could have left something in the car, dropped some weed on the floor.

    If a cop comes up act calm and cool and if he asks if he can search your car I would say "With all respect sir, I do not consent to any unwarranted searches"

    We have a right to say that.
  3. pigs... typical good cop bad cop routine. They don't call em' pigs for no reason...
  4. I know. But we were parked by the dumpster in a dip where they load the trucks. But like there was no "no trespassing" signs. But like I guess he figured if he didn't consent to search they would just arrest us and search it anyway. If it was my car I would have said no.
  5. Sure you would have.:p
  6. Just gonna say firstly, mate paragraphs, Pleeeeeeeeease xD, i read it but man it gave me a headache
    But anyway shit man that sucks, but i agree with the other dude, NEVER let them search the car.
    And yeah bout that girl, its not illegal, they can do it to anyone... sucks :/.
  7. best bet is to not get yourself into situations where a cop has the upperhand when it comes to searches...

    parking in an allie, where it says so parking is not exactly low key...people dont pull into these spots for no reason...they do it to break the law and the cop knows in the future try not to call attention to yourself and if you do...dont complain about getting pulled over and searched.

    you could have been dumpbing a body
    screwing a hooker
    smoking the ganj
    or any number of illegal activities where you need to be in a dark a drug deal(this is how the cops think man...get with the program and act normal if you want to break the law....blend in....not stand out)
  8. Yea man its bullshit they try to use so many cars like that. When me and my buddy got caught smoking they brought down three cars, and were trying to intimidate us into admitting to dealing. All we were doing was smoking, we never gave them permission to search but my dumbass friend throws a bag and the cop saw him :mad:
  9. Poor piggy probably needa to make his quota, they need to have a certain amount or arrests or whatever every so often. oink oink
  10. yup sad but true :smoke:
  11. so good that thats how it is in isa. hear in australia if a cop wants to search you he can all he need is reasonable suspicion that you have something illegal and they can arrest you if you try to intervene 
  12. wow did i jst bump a thread from 2009. i am too high... :bongin:
  13. yeah even if there was no bud in my car there are tiny specs of weed EVERYWHERE. i would never voluntarily let a cop into my car
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    When you refuse to let them search your car, more often than not they will report "I have a refusal" and a drug dog will be brought to the scene. You might be thinking "am I being detained?" and the answer is, they can make you wait until a dog comes and walks around the outside of the car. Just letting you no because simply refusing a search isn't going to work. Try your best not to be pulled over. It's a mistake to park at a business that is closed because sketchy people do that, like someone mentioned above. It's not that difficult to avoid being pulled over. Sometimes you kept help coming into contact with police officers... 
    \nFor anyone who is seriously worried about the consequences of being pulled over and being charged with possession, do not smoke in your car or have paraphernalia in it. Besides the trunk. I keep all my shit in the trunk just in case. I make sure it doesn't smell like smoke. Simply because you get pulled over for speeding doesn't mean they'll check the car. 
    \nI was pulled over for going 82 in a 60 and I was a little high, but it wasn't obvious. I had a book bag behind my passenger seat and it contained all my weed shit. But I played it cool and the officer let me go with a simple ticket and I didn't have to appear in court. It could have been worse because this obviously wasn't an asshole cop. The ticket was about 130 bucks.
    After you say that the cop gets excited and tells all his cop buddies on the radio that he has a refusal to search.
    Next thing you know, there's 5-6 cop cars there, k-9 unit, the whole 9 yards.
    If you don't have anything in your car, don't refuse a search unless you want to be sitting there for at least an hour.
    If you do have a joint or something small, get creative and hide it very well..if you don't refuse a search they won't bring a k-9 in to really look for drugs.
  16. Somebody ban these little teen kids.
  17. [quote name="iSmokeLI" post="4101342" timestamp="1236440453"]Just a word of advise to your friend. NEVER tell a cop "sure you can search my car", You never know, you could have left something in the car, dropped some weed on the floor.If a cop comes up act calm and cool and if he asks if he can search your car I would say "With all respect sir, I do not consent to any unwarranted searches"We have a right to say that.[/quote] forget about a body you left in the trunk 3 weeks prior on a hot summer night...Sent from my SGH-I337M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  18. You're friend gave him permission to enter the car?
    If he smells weed and you tell him he can search your car. He's OBVIOUSLY going to search the car.
    He wasn't being a dick at all but it's people like this who insist all cops are "Pigs" and they all abuse their power 24/7. When really most of them are normal people doing their job.
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    People who post these stories, bullshit, you got off without any charges and you come here to bitch about it?
    Take it in what this fellow blade says- Hes right on, doesnt matter about refusal to search,I like to say... just putting yourself in the positing of getting pulled over, consider yourself ALREADY fucked and you better have a good game face. The cops have ways to get in no matter what you say on the side of the road they will always have the upper hand no matter what constitutional bullshit you spew its not going to save on on the street. Cops WILL LIE and deceive go as far as false alerting the police dog to claiming something that was never there just to interogate you some more. As far as that cop- he saw car with kids, parked in places cars dont normally go, and sure enough he was right. 
  20. Just a note, if they do get a dog to sniff around and the dog doesn't find anything, they can still give the dog a certain command which will make it act like it has found something, a false positive, which will then give probable cause for a full search. statistics show that 3/4 of drug detection alerts by dogs are wrong, no drugs are found. 

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