Got off probo today

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by gnarkill, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. finally got off probation after 12 months (NOT A SINGLE DRUG TEST, it was for minor charges, which are now sealed :)).

    but the thing is, my plants wont be ready to harvest for 4 weeks, so... i didnt have weed. called up my girlfriend, she didnt have any, but we found some muscle relaxers, and took a bunch of them, then ended up with a ounce of some bubba kush, and smoked some of it, bagged the rest into 2 bags, and then we had some grown up time, and i dipped out, and now im typing this. im fucked up and lookin for a little strange ;)

    anyways i got off probation i almost cried in court i was so happy, and i just went home, and did what i typed above. im havin fun right now made a home made pipe outta a highlighter, and a socket, screen, and melted the plastic to shape it like a pipe, and it hits so hard. its fun too.

    fuck the police
  2. word i get off september 4th

    i could get drug tested but i doubt it, so i just keep smoking
  3. Nice, I get off it in a week or two!

    But my probation is a joke. I don't get drug tested or anything. And we talk for no more than 30 seconds, no joke. Probation never stopped me from toking, except in the beginning, cause I wanted to make sure there was no drug testing.
  4. plus my probo was for minor charges so it was a joke. i smoked like every day, but i didnt buy zips and didnt really replace my bongs/pipes that were taken by the police yet, gotta restart my collection
  5. i got 12 month ACD and 100 hours of comm service, ill be free in june, but no drug tests! :hello:
  6. i got off of probate i think january 16th? yeah i think thats it.
  7. fuuuuuck i get off probation feb 11, 2011 :(
  8. Damn that blows. Hang in there buddy :hello::wave:
  9. eww.. ouch ^^^^^^

    shit i got three weeks left. :D

    but the past year, ive gotten pissed tests three times a week. :(
  10. god isnt probation fucked up or what.. i mean dam i understand that they dont want people to break laws but its just weed.
  11. i got a year added to my probation for failed drug tests =[
    fuck my life
    but i learned a way to cheat on my tests
    so i keep smoking government officials cant do shit

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