Got ny toy from GC shop!!!!!

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Mseven, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Just got my toy pics in a lil
    I love them!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU GC!!!!!!!
  2. dude what are you blabbing about?

    if you're going to make a thread, at least make it intelligible.

  3. Translated to English:
    Just got my smoking gear, pics in a little!!!
    I like them with passion!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Grasscity!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ??? well good for you buddy.
  5. As if there is some single guy that ships all the pipes, sitting at his computer reading this thread.

  6. I remember my first piece :rolleyes:

  7. lol i dont get what you mean here?
  8. I guess this whole online shopping thing is still like a magic trick to some people. :p
  9. Take the pics before you post next time :smoke:

  10. Yesss. I remember my first beer.

  11. Here more pics later

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  12. Hold on guys need to get sum bud first I'll post lost of pics later tonite!!
  13. Too late ig

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  14. Looks quite badass. :smoke::wave:
  15. All this for a downstem!?

    That is a pretty nice stem though...

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