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Got My Mum To Smoke

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Blazin83, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. I was smoking at my mum's house with my 2 older brothers and a few friends and my mum was sat in the circle smoking a rollie(tobacco), so the joint gets round and my mum was sat next to me, so i just thought why not offer it to her, so i did and she was a bit hesitant, but took it and took 3 faat hits off this joint, and seemed a lil lifted, so yeah.
    Any of y'all got parents to smoke a bit of happiness?

  2. With me it was the other way around. Introduced weed to my son.
  3. Got my mom to eat edibles. Won't smoke yet but loves cookies and bhang bars haha.
  4. My mom will hit a joint at family dinners every now and then.  She just takes one tiny little hit that's it. :smoking:   I was educating her about modern strains and breeding and she said they used to smoke "Acupolco Gold"
  5. My mother enjoys edibles, but cannot stand smoking. She grew up in a household with constant cigarette smoke, so it's literally something that's ingrained into her at this point. I like to give her reclaim inside of a gelcap, it is able to replace prescription pain killers and still provide relief.
  6. Old school, can you be my father?
    How old was he, when introduced? (If you don't mind me asking)

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  7. I introduced weed to my daughter. She was drinking way to much and getting into trouble with it. Today Im rolling a few to take to the beach with my mom. She always said if pop wasnt around she'd smoke with me. Pop will be at home today. And yesterday was her birthday. Im ready
    Sounds like that will be a killer day, Have fun man
    My parents are pretty anti-cannabis unfortuently :( But they don't outwardly dissaprove of my usage
  9. My parents used to smoke/grow in our shed lol my mom was also messing with pills so when time came for rehab they quit everything.

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    my pops is 92 and uses medicinal MJ for arthritic pain relief.
  11. I smoked with my pops at 16.
  12. Last year when I visited my mom she informed me that she smoked weed because she knew I did. I asked if she knew a dealer and she connected me with her dealer who happened to this day still have the best full melt I have ever had($80 tourist fee :/). I asked her if she wanted a dab jokingly and she instantly said sure. I got scared about getting her to high so I gave her a super small dab and she Instantly says "was that even a hit". So I load her up a normal size dab and she took that shit like a champ. Sure about 10 minutes in she was a little tl high but she just laid down on the couch and watched some tv.

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