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Got my Magic Flight Launch Box yesterday! Review and pics inside...

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by HighVibes, May 23, 2010.

  1. A charger that's compatable with those batteries is not too hard to find(unless you just used your 'Box and your really high looking for chargers in the store. Haha that's what I did). But if you can order another pair of the same batteries or just buy the same ones(they are Sanyo NiMH AAs) that would be best. The 4 batteries my charger came with did not work, and the plastic covering was glued on so it was a mess.
    Now I just have the 2 batteries it came with and a 15-minute Duracell charger.
  2. Word up dude I've been waiting to pick one of these up for an ill minute. Movie Theater sesh's would be bomb.
  3. I just got my Launch Box last Wednesday! Hahaha what a coincidence. I love it! I've been vaping everywhere, the beach, movies, you name it!
  4. Damn that SUCKS. I really wanted to be able to vape in 15 minutes if I had dead batteries, thats pretty much the only reason I got it actually, being able to vape in 15 minutes. Did you think about using goo-gone or rubbing alcohol to get the sticky shit off? And I guess I could buy more Sanyo batteries (I believe they're called Eneloops), but that wont solve the problem of running out of batteries and then having to wait 8 hours to vape again. I wonder if the Eneloops would work with the 15 minute charger? :confused_2: If so that would have me sold on the 15 min charger.

    Oh my god, I gotta try that. Thats gonna be amazing :ey:
  5. Why didn't it quote?

    Well, to ^ post, as long as the batteries are NiMH and the charger charges NiMH batteries, they should work. Batteries for the LB must be NiMH and over 2000mAh.
  6. Lol I guess I must have left something out.
    The 15-minute charger does work with the Sanyo Eneloops it came with, but the 4 shifty batteries that the charger came with did not work.

    Edit: glue aside those batteries just did not work.
  7. wait, so did the free grinder come with the launch box, or just from the website where you ordered it
  8. Does the 2pc grinder give you a good "grind" so it vapes well in the launchbox?
    Cause i got a 4 pc grinder with mine, but it doesn´t really grind the weed up well cause it all falls through the big holes.
    Should i buy a 2pc grinder? are there any cheap good ones?
  9. I wonder how many launch boxes have been sold because of this site lol
  10. Yes, most vaporizers(especially the LB) will work better with finer ground herb. A QUALITY 2 piece would be ideal. Space Case is the best brand our there and their 2 pieces are very reasonably priced. I would reccomend getting one if you own a vape.
    Using a 2 piece, you can choose how fine you'd like the end product to be, which applies to many methods.
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    Or over at the FC site where it all began. I think I was the first one to mention it here at GC in this thread: , back in August 2009, but yeah, it's really taken off, much better than MagicFlights first vape, the LaunchTube. Had many heated discussions with MagicFlight during the design phase.

    Here is MagicFlights first post as a company. Interesting read if you're interested to see how the LaunchBox first came about: FC - Vaporizer Forum / Magic Flight Launch Tube
  12. I have had mine for several months now and love the hell out of it.

  13. I'm thinkin about buying the energizer 15-min charger, cuz people say the batteries with that one work pretty well, and apparently dont have any glue. And then to preserve my eneloops, I'll charge those every night with the Sanyo charger, use those more for my nightly medicinal sessions, and then if I ever have some friends over, or somehow manage to end up with dead batteries, then I'll use the 15 minute charger. That way I wont destroy my eneloops, cuz everyone says the speed charger wears out your batteries really fast.
  14. Congrats HighVibes, i'm glad you found something that suits your needs.

    I have a feeling the launch box has given you a taste of the vaporizing week your gonna be looking at the bags and whips :rolleyes:
    btw nice space case.

  15. Haha thanks man. Nah I think the LB is all I'm gonna need for a long time, I probly wont be lookin into another vape until I'm in college next year. This thing is incredible. But whats your opinion of the 15-min chargers? Any experience with em?
  16. I also just got my magic flight launch box today from vapeworld, and i guess i was pretty lucky because it came with a 2-hour charger. Damn two hours ago i vaped a trench of popcorn kush with my friend and im still supper fucked up. also to anyone looking to get one, if you get one now from (sorry if advertising for another site is bad) use the coupon code FC-2010 and you will save $13.

  17. Do you know why coupon codes are offered at a particular site? And if you do, do you not think that it may be better form to suggest that people visit that site to get their coupon code than just re-posting it up here. Just sayin'...........

  18. Oh well, when I was about to order mine someone from gc told me about the code (I was already going to buy from and I just thought I'd pass it along, sorry :(

  19. It's ok. To anyone wanting discount coupons as well as a list of what distributors are legit and which ones aren't, check out That is the site where this particular coupon originated.

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