Got my Magic Flight Launch Box yesterday! Review and pics inside...

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by HighVibes, May 23, 2010.

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    Sup blades, so my Magic Flight Launch Box came in the mail yesterday from :hello: The shipping was pretty fast, came from Florida to Ohio in 2 days with free postal service shipping. SO happy with my purchase. First off, I know everybody says this, but it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. I mean I knew it was small, and I'd seen reviews of people saying its smaller than they thought it'd be, but DAMN, I was NOT expecting it to be this small! lol.

    Let me just say, this thing gets me higher than I ever would've imagined :hippie:. It's unbelievable. Its about the size of two AA batteries side by side, and just looks like a little block of wood, but yet one trench of mids, which weighed out to be only 0.1 grams, gets me as high as smoking a half a gram of mids. It's CRAZY! Just from researching it so much before I got it, I was able to get the technique down for hitting it almost right away.

    The tin came with a launch box, a charger, two batteries in a plastic case, a detachable mouth-piece, a brush for cleaning out the trench, two rubber caps to put on the ends of the batteries (which I find absolutely pointless, seeing as how the batteries dont fit in the plastic case when the caps are on), a couple rubber bands for keeping the lid on the launch box during travel, and a little black velvet bag. Vapeworld threw in a free plastic grinder but I have no intention of using it, cuz I also threw in $30 for a two-piece Space Case "titanium" grinder. I purposely got a two-piece, because two-piece grinders tend to grind your weed up finer, which is what you need in order for the Launch Box to work best. The quality of the grinder is awesome though, I can see it lasting me a long, long time.

    This vaporizer is incredible for how small and simple it is. It truly can be used ANYWHERE, because of the lack of smell and ridiculously small size. You do have to hit it somewhat slow to get good vapor, and your weed has to be ground up pretty fine, but thats no big deal in comparison to how EFFICIENT this thing is, and how high it gets you. I never thought I'd be able to say I could get high off 0.1 grams of mids, but I sure as hell can with this magical little device. I seriously can't describe in words how happy I am with this purchase. BEST $100 I've ever spent. Launch Box FTW! :D :smoke:

    Everything that came in the box, plus the free grinder vapeworld threw in...

    The hole where the battery goes in on the side

    Plexi-glass cover slides on and off.

    Just some mids :rolleyes:

    Space Case

    Diamond teeth
  2. Sweet man I've heard nothing but good things about the MFLB, I'm gonna have to pick one of those up one day soon. Also, nice grinder I have the same one, good investment for sure.
  3. hey man. how many hits can you take before one battery goes dead?
  4. I'm glad you like it bro! I can't wait for my first paycheck ~500 dollars. 1/5 of it is going to the box. Haha. Hopefully my Chromium Crusher will be a good enough grind.
  5. Nice one, enjoy!

    I really need to pick one up soon before summer gets in full swing. This and a few extra batteries you should be good for a nice day at the beach or hiking in the hills.
  6. The 2pc SpaceCase is a PERFECT match for the LB. Nice combo. Enjoy..........

  7. I get about 8 hits. But 8 vapor hits gets me so much higher than 8 hits lit up in a bong.
  8. Awesome review! I have the same setup. The LB and a 2 piece titanium Space Case(large) it's very solid and heavy. I've been using my Launch Box more recently, it's great when your not at home, I was at a friends house using this, my friend exhaled a huge cloud of vapor and it didn't smell at all like bud. I love this more each time I use it. Hope you cleaned your grinder first, enjoy
  9. I didn't. Didn't even think about doing that. Oh well...........
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    Yea I could've gotten a large, but I actually thought it would be unnecessarily big. 3.25 inches is pretty wide, so I just went with a medium. But whats this about cleaning the grinder before using it? Cuz I didnt clean mine before I used it :eek:

    Yea it's a pretty sick grinder, I love it
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    Most will say that cleaning it isn't a big deal, but it is good practice to clean all of your tools before their first use.

    I only got the large since it was $35 at my lhs. Pretty good deal IMO but size isn't an issue for me. I would probably be just as happy with the medium but the larger one just felt so good in my hands.
  12. Oh ok, but so should I still clean it tho? I've only used it once.
  13. Ya know, with other grinders, there have been reports of metal shavings and machining oils and stuff left in the grinder after manufacture, but the SpaceCases are thoroughly washed after machining, so I wouldn't be too concerned.
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    Yep like I said it's a good idea to clean all tools that will come in contact with your herb.
    Just grind a bunch of paper/tobacco, empty that, rinse it then wash with alcohol, rinse very well and let it sit out to air dry. You don't know what types of oils, dusts, metal pieces, whatever were left behind from the manufacturing process.

    Edit: to lwien: I never knew they were washed afterwards, pretty nice. Still I guess it couldn't hurt to clean it.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Man I am LOVING this thing, haha.. so what do you guys use for batteries and a charger? I was gonna run out to best buy this weekend and pick up an energizer 15-minute charger and batteries, but people are telling me the 15-minute chargers wear out your batteries really quick, and that the energizer batteries arent a good fit in the launch box
  16. As am I. I got it last week. A half trench keeps me high all day.
  17. Quick question... do normal batteries work in it or is it just the one's that come with it?
  18. how is the high? i hear a vaporizer high is different then a regular high. i am very interested in getting one of these.
  19. The high from vapor is more of a clean, clear heady high then the "fucked up" hazy feeling one might get from smoking. But it is more efficient so it will pretty much get you higher then smoking.
  20. ^^ oh absolutely I can get baked off a trench of mids, where as if I smoked that much in my bong I'd get about 1 bong hit and wouldnt feel anything. But hey Diesel, did you see my question about batteries and chargers at the bottom of the 1st page? I'm really in need of
    #1: more batteries
    #2: a charger that has a faster charge time than the charger that comes with the box (8 hours is too long for me, sometimes I cant wait that long)
    ... but I just dont know what to buy and dont wanna waste my money. :(

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