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Got my first bong Friday

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Mira, May 25, 2009.

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    I've wanted a bong for far too long.

    It's nothing fancy like some of these high end roor's and such that you guys have, but it gets the job done. It's by SYN, and it only cost me $50 but it hits very well.

    me and my friends tried it out at his house for the first time on friday, and i don't think any of us have been that messed up in a LONG time. :smoking:

    sorry i can't get pictures as good as they could be, i'm still living with the folks for another year and they're not very

    the glass seems pretty thick. i think i want to get a new bowl for it though, as the other one does not have any handle and gets hot as hell after a few bowls. any suggestions? i'm new to the world of glassware (apart from spoons anyway)

    cheers from atlanta!

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  2. nice.. your gonna get raped for your face being in there
  3. Looks like an alright piece.

    You look like your 12.....have you ever shaved???
  4. why thank you. no, i'm not 12, and i shave everyday.
  5. looks like a nice bong man
  6. thanks!
  7. syn ARE quality tubes. they come from NC and fat mike and his crew put out some high quality glass. really nice first pick up and don't convince your self a roor is that much better (although the comparable german roor is awesome)

    sweet first pick up! welcome to the club

    PS. you got a pretty good deal, FYI
  8. I don't think SYN is anywhere near RooR.. but it is nice glass for the price lol. Pretty sick for your first bong man, have fun with it!
  9. thanks! yeah, i've done some reading up on SYN and i like what i've read.

    FTR, i had a friend who used to own a roor. it was amazing but not that much better than this SYN is, IMHO.
  10. They're quality glass for a first bong, something on the level of PURE or Blue Dot but if you're truly a glass aficionado you can really appreciate the quality of RooRs, Illadelphs, Toros, etc. over cheaper bongs. Nice pickup for a first bong, have fun.

  11. aight, you asked for it.
    SYN is not a pure or blue dot. that is a claim from someone who does not know what they are talking about. SYN has been stepping their shit up for a while now, have sick worked sections, circulators, fixed stems, multiple arm down stems, not to mention there perc trees are starting to blow up, including their new 12 arm and their inclusion of smaller tubing for trees and bigger upstems.

    the fact that you put Illy between roor and toro makes me assume that you have one. While their top shelf is as good as any, the standard illadelph does not hold up against roor, toro, sg or any of the premier companies these days(including SYN). those companies, along with SYN, strive for quality in every tube they make, not just the ones that cost $500+.

    I have 2 illy's (a beaker and a straight), not to mention their difused a/c (ill post up some shots if you doubt) and while they are good they just do not have the quality control that the others have.

    To be totally honest i would take a nice SYN over a illy almost anyday for many reasons, the least of which is the quality of the company putting them out.

    Saying SYN is on the same level as PURE and bluedot is ridiculous and i would loike to know what you base your claim off of?
  12. nice price and good first tube
  13. if i were you i go for a toro ice pinch bowl, it has a little handle, and itll keep ur bowl alot cleaner cuz the ash wont snap through, but snapping a bowl is fun sometimes
  14. nice bong for a nice price :D
  15. i'll check one out. what's the ice pinch for on a bowl? the bong itself already has an ice pinch, for the record.
  16. it's an "ice pinch" bowl, not really used for catching ice.

    It's when the hole in the bowl looks like pinches on an ice pincher, I think it's also called a diffused bowl...correct me if I'm wrong.
  17. Looks like a pretty sweet bong my friend :)
    Enjoy smoking the herb from it ; )

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