Got my dogs!

Discussion in 'General' started by Monte Brisco, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. So I got too work and found out they actully didn't need me today *Sigh* So on the way
    back home I get a call from my ma wanting too finally get these puppys, I say ok and
    away I go.

    Well I guess there not really "My" Dogs but I helped pay for them for the family so...:cool:
    I got too choose the puppys and everything, ended up getting two rottweilers, there way
    dope, love too sleep on your lap and cuddle, they deff prefer being up in my room with me :D. I already named both of them, told my ma and brother no offense but sense I
    cracked open the wallet for em I would choose & they would like the names for them,
    They did.

    Both of them are boys and I named them Sambo, but it sounds like sombo, and Judo,
    Both are diffrent types of fighting styles which I thought would be appropriate for a
    rottweiler. Their both brother and sister and unfortanantly they have both already been
    "fixed", I don't beleive in it but ok. Im on my laptop right now and got both of them sleeping at the feet area of my bed, they look awesome hah. As soon as I can get a camera for a friend I'll post some pictures, don't know when that will be but I can't wait!

  2. Need pics. Been thinking about getting a rott
  3. [​IMG]
    R.I.P Pepper & Redbone I miss my dogs

    My uncle has 5 Rots man they're beastly show/guard dogs. I can't even go in the house unless they're in the cage lol.
  4. Wait, they're both boys or they're brother sister?>
  5. he said brother and sister
  6. Thats awesome man, miss my dog so much, negatives about out of state college...

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