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Got My Card Today! Here's how: (Illinois)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by IntotheWoods, Sep 2, 2017.

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    Hey guys, just wanted to update that I got my card today! I thought I'd just run down the process for anybody curious about it. My qualifying condition is PTSD. First, I had to go to a psychologist, who I saw for a PTSD screening, and then four additional appointments (so far). She wrote me a letter officially confirming my diagnosis, and then I went to a separate doctor (if you want recs, feel free to PM me), who recommended cannabis as treatment. They handled the application (I paid a separate fee for this), and took care of doing the fingerprints, passport photo, background check, etc. all in that office. I then submitted two different proofs of address, a police report confirming the incident that incited the PTSD, the letter from my psychologist to the second doctor, which they combined with everything else and submitted my application for me.

    Now, y'all, the wait is pretty long. I had my application in and complete on July 6th, and got my card in the mail today. I was told the average wait right now is between 45-60 business days.

    Anyway, I just went to the dispensary for my first time and it was pretty awesome, they even gave me a free joint for it being my first visit! Thanks for all the help and recs before, friends!

    (Edited out the dispensary name, don't want to give away my exact location! PM if you want more info)
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  2. Happy healing. Damn that wait is too long though. How are the dispensaries in Illinois? Is everything pre packaged or do they weigh it out in front of you and let you smell and touch the buds?
  3. The wait is crazy, and imo a big problem since a lot of the qualifying conditions involve pretty serious illnesses.

    Re: dispensaries, the program is super strict, so you have to register with one dispensary and only use that one. The one that I use did let me get up close with the bud before I chose which strains I wanted, but I have no idea if they're all like that.
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  4. Seriously, and a doctor would throw xanax or some other fucked up bottle of drugs at you just for saying you got nervous once but when it's a green card "OHHHH NOOOO" it's fucked up. I remember in Washington I would have to fill out a form for every new dispensary, but it wasn't like that was the only place I could go to. It's interesting learning the little specifics of other state laws
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  5. My card in Washington maybe took 45 minutes from start to finish. 45 days is just criminal. They wouldn't do that for any other medication
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  6. Oh wow, that's amazing. 45 minutes would've been awesome. I was on a really high dose of daily benzos (Valium and then Ativan) for my PTSD and I just had a lot of fears about the side effects and the addiction potential, so luckily I was able to get the rec to switch to MMJ. Benzos are much, much more risky/harmful as medicine and I can get a script and pick those up within an hour.
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  7. That's awesome congrats! I got my Illinois card about 5 months ago. I'm in the Chicagoland area and have it for ptsd as well. Let me know if you find strains that seem to work well for you! I'm always on the hunt for a good strain, seems mostly heavy indicas help the most.
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  8. Will do! I don't know many people with cards in IL, but the program is pretty restrictive.
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  9. Its taking 90-100 days to get your catd start to finish.
  10. I wish we didn’t have to wait so damn long. I don’t even have that kind of time. Feel me?

    Message me If you know the fastest way to go about getting it.
  11. What are the prices like? I'm curious. Cook County taxes are high as hell
  12. That’s crazy. I’ve had mine for the last 10 years here in California. It was like $200 back then but got it within an hour. Now it’s $40 renewal and $50 for new patients and 15-20 min start to finish. All they want is paperwork from your primary caregiver saying your treating a qualifying condition.

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