Got my ass kicked

Discussion in 'General' started by GGrass, May 11, 2011.

  1. "Getting your ass kicked is the most humbling experience."

    I heard it on TV.

    And I was suprised to see it was Mike Tyson who said it.


    Today, I got my ass kicked by two young dudes.

    They buried me with their golf game.

    And the sad thing is, I had plenty of chance to kick THEIR ass, but I just couldn't convert.

    I had chances, but I didn't come through at critical moments.

    I am so disappointed.

    And thoroughly humbled.

    Shit... It sucks to lose...
  2. Even the best fall down somtimes GGrass, Youll pull threw when it really maters.
  3. I got beat at a game of words with friends with someone I know I'm smarter than and it pissed me off. She took on average 20 minutes to play her turn so I think she was cheating.

    I was beating her ass all game and lost by like 10.
  4. Thanks man, your voice had a very encouraging effect.

    Yes... even Michael Jordan missed some free throws...

    It just kills me to know that it was such a simple shot... that I practive all the time...

    7 iron, full swing. 160 yards, right of the pin.

    Hit a bit of a draw and let the wind take it...

    Damn... It was such an easy shot but I didn't deliver.

    Hurts like hell...


    It will only make me practice harder.
  5. I love losing. Like you mentioned, it's a humbling experience. It's puts your game (whatever it may be) in perspective. It allows you to see your faults and errors. It allows you to have something to work towards. It's all about bettering yourself regardless of winning or losing. Granted, I'm sure we all love winning though. It feels great, but after a while those victories will begin to feel hollow.

    I'll gladly take a chance to learn over a chance to boast.

    Good luck next time GGrass. Hopefully you request a rematch and show 'em how it's done!
  6. I've already thrown out an invitation for a rematch. They both agreed.

    I've lost 5-3-1.

    I got only one point, the other guy got three, and the other guy got five.

    It costed me 6 bucks. (1 bucks per point)
  7. Just learn from it, let it go and re focus - Great things come to those of us who wait :D
  8. Amen.
  9. yaa know i got my ass beat a few times when i was younger, my dad was a fan of the old school, i wonder wat that young couple at the park was thinking when he beat my ass with a tennis racket in broad daylight with no reserves. couldnt sit for a week and thought my ass was gonna look like a waffle for the rest of my life.
  10. Da fuck man? First i was gonna be like "haha you got your ass beat" then i was gonna be like "you got jumped doesn't count" now i'm just like "da fuck man"

    Way to mislead me with the title. Getting your ass beat does change you though.
  11. My sensei used to tell me "Losing is the greatest gift you can receive"

    I believe it to be true, I always gain something positive when I lose. Another lesson I've learned.

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