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Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Mar 2, 2002.

  1. munches got me dudes i am going fast ! so what are you doing with that blow up doll and didnt i say she didnt like to smoke pot now you've gone and done it ! you poped her! now what are you going to do for the rest of the night ,you do say! shes a twin! you lucky dog you! lol at lest you figerd out she was full of hot air and it didnt take marrage to find out !no way it was a two for one sale ! lol so whats the rest of you doing you aint smokeing that fucking bad weed are you !? as the smoke rings float upwards! lets hear the keys ,where are you in munchy land? i just smoked one of those joints that are just to good to think they evey are out there in real life ! iam lisen to american pie ,sale away ,horse with no name ,get stoned and hear these three songs brings me back ,way back ,back when ,my brother was still playing it on records ,back before my frist wife death,i was a wild teen ,where did the time go ,thats right i remember now ! i've lived it ,and enjoyed every minite of it ,god how great can it get? yes i am stoned it my right to live and die ,its my right to smoke and watch the smoke rings float upwards in to the future of my life ,i am free ,and stoned .lol.....good luck tazz11
  2. Hey Tazz you like the music that i like. Music that has purpose and meaning.

    Life is toooooo short not to enjoy it. I can remember the day when good music a little weed and friends was all a person needed in life.

    Good luck to ya. Keep up the faith!
  3. LOL Tazz you're funny dude!

    Good music....I remember listening to "Psychobabble" by, ummm, i think it was Alan Parsons Project but I have it on vinyl and no player anymore. Guess I could break down and buy the cd heh.

    I'm enjoying my Saturday morning wake n bake, what about the rest of you?

    Have a good buzz, everyone!
  4. dudes i all ready smoked one and hadded for the nexts in a few! i got a thomas edison victrolla and many old records and i love most music ! stoned or not ! but some of them move my spirit to light the joints better than others! i got to go visit a old freind this morning he has a cold and he use to smoke but not lately ! he makes wooden bowls and things on the leath! but i guess i can cheer him up .i am like a lol to most i know and everyone is allways happy to see me out and about! the joints calling my name, got to go ! good morning to all and to all a good buzz! lol good luck tazz11
  5. It's good to have friends come around. One of these days I may look up a few of ya!

    Keep the faith lit up!

    Good morning to all and to all a great day!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I hear ya rainman!! :smoking: Joints keep callin' my name too!! :smoking:

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