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  1. I was buying a half "el bee" from my guy like usual and on my way home today, i smoked a blunt with my friend. There was a license check on the way back. Whole car smelled loud as fuck and had weight on me. Cop said nothing to me when he checked us out.
  2. That's what's up man.
  3. "Whole car smelled loud as fuck"
  4. [quote name='"Wavelength"']"Whole car smelled loud as fuck"[/quote]

    Dat slang
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    Hold on, I'll translate:

  6. What's going on in here?
  7. Most likely a cop that had bigger fish to fry than a couple of youngsters with some marijuana
  8. I'll translate.

    Hello Grasscity users. Earlier today I was buying a half pound from my dealer as usual while on my way home from work. My friend and I smoked a blunt during this excursion. There was a police roadblock on the way back from the meeting. The whole car smelled like really good weed and I had felony amounts of marijuana on my person.

    The police officer checked us out and made no mention of the obvious and pugent marijuana smell.
  9. Quit jiving me turkey
  10. Anything over 1.5 oz isn't decriminalized in my state. So i don't see why he wouldn't. Lol but hopefully he just didn't smell it or you were right.
  11. [quote name='"figarofigaro"']Hold on, I'll translate:


    Thank you!
  12. This is great.
  13. That the way the slang is when you high up in the distribution. No text, just calls and never say anything over the phone about even smoking with someone.

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