Got jumped, beat, and attacked by a swarm of bees.

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    I just got out of the hospital and i need to vent.

    Today i just got a half from my friends dealer like i usually do, and i get a phone call from my friend saying that some guy needs half and that he will pay $80 for mine ( i only payed $65) i declined though because i needed that bud. So my friend says well can i atleast get 8 grams for $80 to give to this guy. So i say sure (thinking i'm about to make all my money plus more back) and i meet up with him. At this point i'm with 3 of my friends and 2 of the friends who i'm with friends'. When i meet up with my friend that is buying the bud i ask for the money first (being smart) and he says that his friend has it (who was with him) so i go up to him to ask him for the money but he was on the phone so he told me to hold on. I walk over and start talking to the people who i was with and see the 2 guys who wanted the bud walking away. I get a phone call from the friend that wanted to buy the bud asking where i am. so i tell him we are going to these woods near my house to smoke (we all smoke there often) and when they get there i see they are with another guy now ( i know both the guys hes with and i was cool with them) so i ask for the money and he hands me a bunch of bills. I count them out to 47 dollars. When i told them this they start looking through their bags saying wheres the rest of the money. Then, I get punched in the face and tripped backwards over a log and am getting yelled at and punched in the face multiple times. the guy takes his money back and the 8 grams and they run. I feel shit crawling all over me and these sharp pains so i rip my shirt off and start hitting these things off my back, and i realize that they are bees. after i run and my friend catches up with me i show him my back to see HUNDREDS of stings all over my back and arms. Now the guy who started punching me comes back saying so you have any more bud on you and shit (so i lie and say no because i didnt want him to know about the other quarter in my bag. so i go to the emergency room and end up on all these different medicines and out of 8 grams and a few friends. i dont believe no one fucking helped me. this guy was 2ce my size.
  2. I wasn't thinking they would try to beat me, and if they did i thought the people i was with would help and not just stand there. fucking friends they are..
  3. I don't count anyone as a friend if I wouldn't open fire for them, or at the very least jump in the fight. There are some things, small things, you can do to prove whether people are trustworthy or untrustworthy.

  4. Yea dude, i can barley tell who are my real friends these days. but this guy used to be my best friend and like he cant stop the kid he came with from beating my the fuck up? i used to chill and smoke with this guy everyday.
  5. This is the exact reason why i take martial arts....I AM WAITING, like you don't even fucking understand, i am looking forward to the next guy that tries to rob me without a weapon.

    Seriously, i'm really looking forward too it. Espically if theres 2 or 3 of them, that would be even better. As soon as i even smell that im going to get robbed, i already know, im going to get a burst of adrenaline, a crazy amount of anger and just beat the living fuck out of the dude, or dudes.

    But yeah, that fuckin' blows man. If i were you, i'd be out for blood.
  6. So how big was this guy and how big is your friend and were you stoned at the time?
  7. They're both big and black and i was a little high
  8. Dude, your friend didn't even jump in?

    And the moment I saw people bullshitting about the money, I would of left. When groups of people get like that, I know it's nothing good cause if you don't have the money together by the time you get there, there's either a plan to rob whoever or try to get the bud for free with the lowest amount of money possible..

  9. Yeah, see, that's fantastic and all, but when you learn how to incapacitate somebody with one hit, it's generally alot better than hitting somebody 3 or four times, espically when there is more than one enemy.
  10. damnnn BAD day!

  11. You got jumped by two big black guys?! What are the chances..............
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    What does it matter if they're black? Are you a racist?
  13. How smart can someone who doesn't know how to use an edit button be? And we should listen to your opinions? Grow up and get a clue.
  14. It really pisses me off that this kind of stupid shit happens to innocent people over bud.
  15. You should have fought back with everything you had. At least then if you lost you would still have your pride.

    Sorry that sounds pretty harsh but in my opinion its the honest truth, best to just move on but now you know what to do next time
  16. I thought this was going to be a funny/slightly painful/uncomfortable story about how you were chased by a few bees, and they got you, however I'm quite appalled now, and I hope you feel better.
  17. At least the bees didn't take your wallet man.
  18. may i suggest some coke or pcp to accompany you on that day.

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