Got into a fight!

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    Let me take you for a spin here for a moment.Your at work and three guys come in who you have past history with.The reason you dont like them is because they take part in somthing because of court anyways they bailed and ratted you out to the cops and shit had you aressted blah blah anyways they come in!

    So these guys come in and set at my table. I go over to my manager and tell the situation with them and things may heat up.She gets another person to wait on them but i can over hear them calling me out.I keep ingnoring it because we are about to get msytry shoped and things are getting strict. So one of my usaual guys whos in there just to wacth tv and drink tells me to go stomp there fuckin head in.Ten mins go buy and i just get pissed i here them sayin 'bitch','pussy' just talking all kinds of shit.I go over there and get into ones face and told him 3 on 3 i get off at 12:30am i grab the crazy cook that i talke about ealry in another story.Also this big ass dude who is freakin roiding buff you know so i tell them wassup and we meet them in the back of the restraunt after work they sittn in there car and as we walked up this dude started to get of his car and i ran up and smoked his ass. Bob the cook Knocks this one dude in the jaw and i think it made him dizy from what he says.So this dude gets out of his car and im just charging his ass in his face and rapid punch him.

    Then Jim Knocks this dude out from a solid punch in the jaw.Then i hear some one screaming at bob and me to get off and it was my manager.She pulls me out and takes me and bob and jim in the office and screams at us for gettin in a fight so close to work..

    We all got in Trouble but she cant do anything since it was outta work and i was off the clock.So after that me and bob and jim went to bobs house.Then we met up with tiny. Smoked and Drank and got very drunk. :wave:

    Oh me and bob and jim got the day off today haha
  2. that sounds fairly badass.
  3. I would have just told them to get the fuck out of the restaurant.
  4. What kinda restaurant is it? Do they have good food?
  5. i agree
  6. I woulda grabbed ol Bob and John Cena(your roid friend)...told the people to get out, then when they refuse, proceed to throw the bitches out, then stomp their fucking ass. It's good that you waited til you werent suppose to be working though. Better self control than I have for sure.:hello:Hope it was fun and the fuckin dirtbags dont do shit anymore.

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    Smooth move.
  8. Who invited Buzz Killington into the thread?

    Good story man, I love 3 on 3 brawls. They're more fun than 1 on 1 because you can fairly fight more than one guy while your friends have your back.
  9. Got into a fight less than a week ago myself bro, still got the shiner from it. Nothing feels much better than a warm cup of Justice.:hello:
  10. why u tryin to enforce rules when ur not even a mod

  11. There's a difference between "enforcing" them and quoting them. Nice try.
  12. Whata tread killer ^, Do you post them in every fight post or just this one?
  13. ^This would be the first, for nobody has been immature enough to make a thread about fighting ifor quite some time.
  14. tueshe (think thats how its spelled)
  15. Buzz Killington ahahahaha Appocolyptik you are the man:hello:
  16. lmao complete buzz killer right there :hide:
  17. Yea it was fun!

    But as for the restraunt I work at I dont
    feel I need to share the name .
    Sorry dont want to get into any trouble.

    But hell yeah I like to have brawls.

    Like jim was telling me when he was in high school they used to do it like
    the outsider fight.
  18. the outsiders are gnarly.:metal::metal:
  19. relax people. Blutteufel was jus stating the rules not enforcing.

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