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Got into a fight [kinda]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by x8rUn0x, May 26, 2010.

  1. so today i was sitting in biology class and i overhear this kid saying he has a girlfriend so i was like "you have a girlfriend?" and hes like yeah and whipped out his phone to show me a pic so hes scrolling through and im sitting there waiting and he shows me the pic and its like small and its in a dark room and her face is like lit up like from the tv and i was just like "ummm i cant really see her, but she looks kinda chubby" and everyone starts lol'ing and he got all serious and was like "im gonna kick your fucking ass" and "im gonna beat the shit out of you dude" and kept repeating this over and over and im just like dude all i did was say she was chubby, its a really bad photo, and hes like shut the fuck im gonna kick your ass and im just lol'ing during this whole thing (im not a serious guy) and hes saying all this shit so im like whatever and i lmao, im like doing my biology shit and he keeps repeating how hes gonna beat me up and kick the shit out of me, so im just like ummmm you said that like 20 times now i understand your going to kick my ass, and hes like stfu, so i went over to get some more biology and as i come back i pass him and while hes sitting down he trys to like punch me as hard as he could in the stomach, and im walking with a paper in front of me so all he does is like give me a fist pump and i grabbed his arm and lol'd and was like are you seriously gonna be mad about this? and i couldnt punched him in the face but i was like nah im not gonna call his gf chubby AND fuck him up so i just pushed his arm away and then he stands up and hes like below my neck (im 6'3") and im like wtf dude calm down, and i think he shoved me i cant remember and then i just carry on my way and sit down and he keeps talking shit and im doing my work and what not and i dont pay attention to him, and people were there lol'ing during this whole entire time and they were like wtf is this kid doing? (not me) and yeah, so thats what happened at school today...

    wow im high as shit :wave::wave::wave::wave:

  2. Sounds like it.
  3. Whoa, That was quite the ass-kicking he gave you, huh? He sure showed you.

    This guy sounds like a tool, I would have poked more fun at his girlfriend to be completely honest. This guy wasn't going to lay a finger on you.
  4. That guy needs a joint. It'll calm him down. Share :smoking: lol =)
  5. beat his ass :smoking:
  6. This made me laugh.

  7. LOL

  8. Dude I gotta ask, everytime I see you post I see your avatar and think 311 instantly...Is that Chad? Applied Science solo???
  9. You shoulda stuck him
  10. lol'd true dat, i saw the pic and was like ummmmmm, i said chubby to try and make him feel better, he obviously wouldnt have gotten so mad if it wasnt true hahahah
  11. That guy's obviously pretty much all talk. He wouldn't have had to repeat himself two dozen times if he really was confident about kicking your ass. kinda weird how he just busts out his phone like to prove he's ...not gay, or something????

    I think this should be in the sex love relationship section, though?:confused:...or general.

  12. This. Lol

    In all honesty, did you feel threatened? If you did I would tell someone though. That kinda shit can get annoying, esp. if he was serious.

    I'm not trying to sound like a pussy. Just sayin, it's better than physical violence.

    Peace man. Peace. :smoking:
  13. :smoking:
  14. How old are you like sixteen?
  15. You're lucky it wasn't a weirdo who would have brought a gun the next day. Gotta whatch what you do sometimes. This world is fucked up.
  16. I agree with this. That's what I was saying, be careful man.

    Didn't the columbine start when the kids got bullied or something? Idk.
  17. You copped out here. If that was me, and he was talking shit to me like that, boy. I wouldn't initiate the fight but him punching you in the chest as hard as he could is your cue to beat the shit out of him.

    In my opinion.

  18. biology ? are you a freshmen ?
  19. I can't believe I read that wall of text. I want my money back.

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