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got in trouble, what will happen

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by anee1, May 22, 2010.

  1. i live in vermont and got pulled over for speeding. i had about 2g on me and a small pipe. i gave it to the officer and he still searched my car (i let him). he then aressted me on a possisson charge of less then 2 oz.

    this is the first offence for me. Im sure i will get a fine but will i go on probation?
  2. dunno google that shit. but thats bullshit arrested over 2 grams
    fuck that
  3. maybe call a lawyer then asking a forum site
  4. Well that's a function of your age, ethnicity, criminal record (or lack thereof), disposable income, social connections and local criminal statutes. We can't tell you what's going to happen but we can tell you what is likely.

    I'm ASSuming you're a typical first offense teenager living at home with supportive parents. Get a good private practice lawyer who can get you a deal with no criminal record. You'll probably get probation with random drug tests and community service.

    If I'm wrong and you have a record, or can't afford an attorney, or have dark skin, etc things could get messy. You could end up with a misdemeanor with the possibility of jail time.

    Those are the most likely and worse case scenarios... best case... they dismiss all charges.

    This shouldn't have ever happened though. Care to tell us how a simple speed stop turned into a search and seizure?

    Shit happens. I have a felony for 3.5 grams. :mad:
  5. :(

    so sorry to hear that...
  6. All i got for my first offense was 1 week of drug classes which i still need to do and i live in Texas. Maybe you'll be lucky like me but dont be too sure. You're best bet: get a good lawyer.

  7. u shouldent of pulled over take that mother fucker on a highspeed
  8. Should have swallowed it.
  9. Did he smell it? I hope you just didnt give it to him if he asked if your have and weed on you, if you did that im sorry to say but you pretty much deserve what ever fine you get.. But possession tickets where im from is only 500 for first offenders.. No biggie, hope everything works out
  10. i fuckinghate when a cop thinks he can search your car ANYTIME they pull u what does me speeding have to do with the contents of my car. fuck that. fucking frying ass bacon ass mother fuckers. fuck pigs. thats y so many ppl hate them

  11. You should redirect your bizarre anger into something more productive.
  12. i didnt just give him the bud, i had a nug of really really good stuff and the whole car smelt cause it wasnt in a bag or jar. im 22 and never been in trouble before.

    my older sister has had run ins with this cop before however and im sure he loved getting me. in fact she got searched before and he found nothing. the next day she saw him in a store off duty and she went off and called him an umpa lumpa with small feet and hands and that his badge couldnt make up for his 2 inch dick. the guy hates my family but i dont think i can prove that in court

    i have a consltation with a lawer. it looks like i will be fined 300-500 bucks but in the county i live in they only put "high risk" ofenders on probation cause of money issues.
  13. You are over 21 and were actually arrested for 2 grams of smoke? Thats so fucked up.. Marijuana laws can be such a joke, that officer should be ashamed of himself.

    All I can say is that mj smokers need to know their rights during police encounters..cops cant force you to give up your constitutional rights but if they ask and you consent then you just did the hard part for them. For fututre reference, carry your nugs in an airtight container and when the cops ask you to take a look in your vehicle say, "I do not consent to a search"..if they ask why say " I believe in my constitutional right to privacy, and I do not consent to a search"
  14. wat if they threaten to call the dogs?
    and dont let u leave after uve asked
  15. yeah this guy knew he had me, i tried to play dumb at first but he did call backup and i was like fuck it here it is. then i said leave it there and took me out of the car. cuffed me and searched.

    in the newspaper police report it said i "stached" pot but i did turn it over to him up front
  16. "I do not consent to any search."

    "Officer, am I being detained for a crime or am I free to go?"

    Those two sentences, along with a polite and respectful attitude, will go a long way in avoiding possession charges. Don't let them scare or intimidate you. If he threatens to call the K9 unit, let him. You can't assume that a police officer will go easier on you if you turn over your stash. It's his job to arrest people who break the law. Don't make his job any easier than it has to be.
  17. im pretty sure thats illagel and the court has to be in favor of you because they took away there constintutional right

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