Got in a crash

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  1. I just had finished toking with some friends and got into my honda to go drive downtown. I drove into the parking garage and there was a huge backup due to the old lady driving in front of me, she sees a dude get into his car and just fucking sits there waiting for the dude to move even though there was a parking spot fucking 3 spaces away. I rage and without looking in my rear view mirror shift into reverse to pass the bitch up. I pressed the pedal too hard and BAM I heard that heart crashing sound. I realize I'm high as fuck and have bud on me and panic, the chick I hit flips a bitch and runs to my car. I tell her I was so sorry and didn't see them in my mirrors. And as I was talking to her, a cop car passes and just tells us to move and leaves. She was my age and was pretty chill. We moved and talked a bit, she took all my insurance and shit down, but said she probaly wasn't going to call my insurance as it was just a small crack in her hood. The next day I don't get a phone call from my insurance company and dance :hello:

    Don't crash when your high, its a major buzzkill
  2. didn't try to smoke with her?

    I was so dissapointed at the ending of this story :(

  3. 5 words. She was a fat chick. Didn't want to man the harpoons.
  4. ^^ hahahhah i feel you
  5. Hahaha hey man I harpooned a bitch yesterday. You gotta do it every now and then. FAT CHICKS NEED LUV 2 BRA:cool:
  6. pics please
    of the chick that should be obvious not completely interested in a busted honduh

    edit oh hahah fat nm
  7. I'm going to need pictures of said fat chick.
  8. Wow lmfao these forums really have gone to shit now..... Mainly because I just pooped on ya'll.
  9. [quote name='"Thomas29"']Wow lmfao these forums really have gone to shit now..... Mainly because I just pooped on ya'll.[/quote]

    It's aight I pooped on em too ^__^

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