Got Hydrocodone, I think.

Discussion in 'General' started by Coop289, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. I got a hydrocodone pill from my GF that she hadnt used after her surgery, it says hydrocodone/APAP 7.5/500mg, will this do anything? 7.5mg seems like a crap dose, and I dont know what APAP is.
  2. APAP is Acetaminophen, but I can't tell you if you can get fucked up on it.
  3. It's a vicodin. You'll feel good, not trip. Enjoy it with some alcohol, as per container instructions.
  4. you need two of those at least, parachute it on an empty stomach since you only have one. and if you drink it will amplify the effects and you will feel good.
  5. i keep getting told that snorting these is a stronger high, does anyone know FOR SURE? Snorting random shit to experiement doesnt sound fun.
  6. just don't do it, pills are filled with additives that can do damage, stick to swallowing them. For the OP, you need around 15 to 20 mg of hydrocodone to feel anything, anything less is just pointless... unless your back hurts.
  7. that'll kill an ache, or calm severe pain, but euphoria you wont feel.
  8. Ok....being a recreation and a prescribed user of vicodin i can tell ya, you can feel affects off of 7.5mg. depepends though. but 15mg will do fine. depending on you 20mg will be too much. i take 15mg only.
  9. Being an Opiate lover, I can tell ya you most liekly wont feel shit off one. take 20-25mg of hydrocodone to feel good. APAP is basically tylonel. You dont want to take more than 2000mg of that at once and more than 4000mg a day. It'll butt fuck your liver in seven different ways with a barbed wire covored extra large dildo. Ya heard?
  10. I doubt 20mg is gonn kill him. UNless he has an alergic reaction, which would be rare, but 15mg would hurt him jus the same.
  11. I did 20mg I'm 125 pounds and I wasn't messed up to bad just kinda tired and in a good mood don't snort it that shit sucks.

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