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Discussion in 'General' started by Frank White, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Sorry i havnt posted this in general but......

    but they've captured saddam....
  2. yeah i see it now on the newss........thank god, now maybe not so many of our troops will come home in bodybags now..........Peace out.......Sid
  3. They found him in a hole. LOL!
  4. About time.
  5. lol, he looks kind of like Jerry Garcia now.

    hopefully this will quench peoples' thirst for blood on all sides
  6. Saddam is a jerk
    He needs to go to work
    He needs to get a job
    His name's Saddam, not bob
    He is stupe
    I bet he has to poop
    Julia talks a lot
    But everything she says is retarded

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  7. I respect all your opinions,
    but I just dont believe it,
    I doubt Saddam would be hiding in a hole in his hometown, he would have been out of the country quicksmart long before, before the war even began,

    Its all bullshit IMHO,

    Take care
  8. They already did DNA tests, (*)! And they have videos of him and it looks just like him, (*)!

    *edited due to name-calling*RMJL

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  9. Where is this DNA and who did the test???

    Show me proof...

    He has 20 or more men who had plastic surgery just to look exactly like him!!
  10. right before i found this thread, my mom told me they caught him, and i said the same as you BH! he has too many copies, you have no REAL clue as to who did the crimes
  11. The copies thing was actually way overblown. You believe when the government says he has a bunch of copies but you don't believe when they say he is caught? They obviously wouldn't lie, it looks just like him, and to answer your question as to who did the testing, the government (*). I'm sure they will have several independent people do further testing. Where is this DNA? In Saddam's colon, (*).
    Listen, there's a difference between not trusting the govenment and being total dumbasses. I think that the government let 9/11 happen but I don't think they are going to make up the fact that they caught Saddam. THey wouldn't have announced this unless they were sure they could prove it.

    *edited due to name-calling yet again*RMJL
  12. I find it hard to choke down anything the American Media trys to feed to me....
  13. Yes god forbid they try and tell you that they captured the former leader of Iraq when they actually have. It's obvious a lot of you pride yourselves on "thinking different" but please stop beign retards and realize that the government is not going to trot somebody around as Saddam unless they can prove it in 20 different ways. There's a lot of things to be dubious about but this is not one of them.
    And by the way you are sure are sassy for a guy who can't even properly quote one line out of a Marley song!
    "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. [no "so"] Hit me with [no "some"] music..."
    So there! I win!
  14. its not fucking saddam. like that guy said earlier, do you think he would be in a hole in his hometown while american troops invaded and took over his country. bush and whoever else thats involved can fake anything, and they faked this. you (*)will believe anything that is fed to you by the media. and you'll go to war over it too. its sad.

    *edited due to name calling*RMJL
  15. Ummmm
    Once again I can see your a rebel but there's thousands of people out there like you and the govenment wouldn't give them a chance to prove that they lied. Even before they found him all the mainstream media has been talking about how they will have to prove to the Iraqi people and the world that they actually have Saddam dead or alive. Now that they have him alive they can easily, easily prove that its him beyond a shadow of a doubt.
    The government cannot fake anything. They can do a lot of shit, but its jsut plain ignorant to think that they would be bluffing in this case.
    They didn't find him directly in his hometown, they found him about 20 miles outside. People act like he should have been out of the country by now, but how the hell was he supposed to do that? There's no place for him to hide, and moving is riskier than staying in one well-chosen spot.
  16. There's no need to call anyone a jerk.
  17. Sorry, it's my little way of joking around.
    I think we all know who the real jerk is...Saddam Hussein!
  18. (No need to call anyone any names. A few posts were edited due to name-calling and calling others names just isn't going to float here. It's quite easy to get your point across without calling others names or insulting them. The majority of us do it everyday. If your post was edited, consider it a warning.)

    Now, back to the topic.

    Hell yeah, it's about time they got him.
  19. i dont think you guys are all intierly wrong...

    the thing to remember is if they want to fool you....they will

    they have people who have spent generations keeping things is what they do

    so maybe they are fooling you....

    but not about haveing him

    he is caught...that you can deffinitly believe

    they arnt dumb enuff to bluff this one...

    but what they could be trying to fool us with is the details

    he has probably been in captivity for some time now ....

    and if they told us we had him sooner they would have had to stop there war before they finished what ever real objectives they had in iraq....

    capturing him and saying he was still behind all the atacks on our troops is the first step to ending the war this administration just got another 80 something billon dallars for ?

    so maybe theve had him all along and not is a good time to tell the public?

    but they deffinitly have him....

    maby jackson and him can share a cell...

    and entertain one another....

    my point is do we know when they are lying and when they are not?

    we dont ...

    just know ...they dont care about us or our opinons...and will continue to get away with what ever they can no matter what we think we know....
  20. It's much much more likely that he was captured earlier than that he hasn't been captured at all, that's a pretty interesting idea. See listen people I understand that you can't trust the government but they probably have a lot less leeway to decieve the American public than you would imagine. They do it in much smaller ways, most recently through controlling public opinion about Iraq by focusing on a very limited range of factors of the war in the conventional media coverage. You really can't fake shit like this, though. Like I said already even on the cable news networks before Saddam was caught they said many times that most of the world doesn't trust America and it would be hard to prove that they had actually captured/killed. I'm sure the international community will want total proof of his identity, and the united states wouldn't make the mistake of purposefully/accidently parading the wrong person around.
    And to the mods, just so you know, my name calling is very tpngue in cheek but I won't use it if you don't like the atmosphere it creates.

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