Got high and watched a movie.

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    A little while ago some of my friends and I smoked some Sour Diesel and watched a movie.
    The movie was Event Horizon.
    Now I remember watching the movie when I was 8 years old or so, and it freaked me the fuck out.
    We all watched it and it seemed like a comedy this time around!
    Here are some great moments from this movie and a look into the future.

    In this clip Laurence Fishburne sits on an awesome mechanical chair that rotates and keeps your feet off the floor!
    It's fucking hilarious at the very end when he gets off.

    This clip shows the future of platform technology and the future of boots!

    There's plenty of other hilarious moments in the movie, but I'll leave you guys to discover those yourselves... =)

    Have you ever watched a movie high that you did not expect to be funny, but was hilarious? Feel free to share.
  2. A movie i didnt expect to be funny untill i watched it baked would have to be pleasantville. I had to watch that in my 2nd period english class and like everyday I blazed before school and that movie just had me laughing at all the serious moments

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