Got high and found a more effecient way to shave

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    So I just smoked and took a shower.. and then I got out and was looking in the mirror and decided I needed to shave my face.

    So normally I shave down and like this:


    and like halfway down I have to clear the razor with water because it gets full of hair ( i have the gillete mach 3).
    I would also just shave at random angles, not just straight down.. So I would miss spots on the first pas.

    So me being high, started thinkin about it and decided to shave this way:

    ``````````` //
    `````` =====

    since you shave with just the edge of the razor, all the shaved hair goes neatly down the blade all the way to the other edge as you shave. Thus you get a cleaner, faster shave.
  2. wtf, thats the worst diagram ever.
  3. maybe its the brownie in my but is there a difference in those diagrams
  4. yeah.
  5. Yeah man, i'm pretty sure those are the exact same diagram lol.
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    I just fixed it! (the pictures)
  7. i don't get it.
  8. i think hes just shaving with the edge of his razor instead of pulling the entire blade through
  9. Ok.....where to start......

    well First things first.....


    Moving on from that.......

    I never thought shaving,given today's technology, was in need of streamlining. :confused_2:
  10. Dude, those diagrams are basically the same thing. Those are terrible, bro! They don't explain a damn thing, lol.
  11. haha i think someone is a little stoned
  12. had me lolling.

    poor OP, he thought he had started a revolution in shaving methods!
  13. How can you say fail? This thread is epic. It deserves a facepalm, sure, but it is epic nonetheless.

    This is what makes stoner forums the best forums.
  14. Fine I give up!

    It works for me. :smoking:

    Maybe I am just stoned.. Ill read this later and see if I think I am retarded

  15. Good point......I retract my "Fail." and replace it with the biggest, two-handed facepalm ever concieved on the 'net. And not the regular hand sized facepalm, but the big, inflated like a baloon, cartoon-glove-hand facepalm....

    I'm sure it does work for you, but.....just so you know.....according to your diagram.....judging by the size of the razor in your diagram, your whiskers are about 8 1/2 inches long......Maybe that's why your razor gets clogged?......

    Just sayin'
  16. I GET IT.

    Basically the OP would use the entire width of the razor to shave. meaning after one stroke which would go about halfway down his chin he'd have to stop and clean out the blade, and then finish off the stroke.

    Now he just uses one half of the blade, and can do one full stroke and get to the bottom of his chin or however far he needs to shave.

    It's to bad that technically both shaving methods require you to clean out your razor the exact same ammount of times :p
  17. C'mon guys it makes sense completely, to me at least! I'm pretty sure he means that you shave with the outside edge of the razor so all the hair goes across and you don't have to clean the hair off as often.

    When i started writing that sentence i had a really good idea of what I was going to say but it kinda trailed off :(
  18. fixed

  19. haha..ill +rep u when i get to 100 points or 5 away

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