Got fucked over.

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  1. Well, my friend has this bro that "sells," and I took her advice, so I talked to him. He seemed pretty chill and I decided I could trust him. Well, I gave him $30, and he just ran. Fucking ran. What would you do if it happened to you? I want to go get my money back, but it could be a problem doing so.. Inputs gladly appreciated.
  2. Shoulda chased his ass and tackled him haha
  3. You didn't chase him? I mean at first I'd have been like tf!? But after about 2 seconds I'd have been runnin to beat some ass lol.

    Sucks for you man

  4. Nah man, He handed me a bag, and I was checking it out.. I was already kinda blitzed so.. Wasnt paying attention lol. I know where he lives and shit too. Could just go pay him a visit. :D
  5. that was a really dumb move oin his part if you know where he lives.

    this whole thread smells of High School. that being the case, if u want your money back, pay him a visit and if his parents happen to answer the door, either make up some bs about why he has your 30, and straight up tell them that their son is a shitty dealer lmao.
  6. Well was there weed in the bag?!?

  7. Nope, It was catnip, and rocks. Hes a fucking low life man. I probably will drive over to his place tomorrow.
  8. tell your friend that his bro ripped you off. maybe you can solve this without doing something stupid and escalating the situation. thatll just make it less likely for you to get your money or weed

  9. Already did that, she said that there was nothing she could do. Which is unfortunate, but whatever. I might just let it go man. Idk.
  10. Whooo Iron Maiden!! \m/

  11. Fuck yeah haha.

  12. soooooo, you are going to encourage this douchebaggery to happen again? if you don't take care of the problem it will happen to other people....I would NEVER pay $30 for a bag of rocks and catnip and let that person get away with it. Congratulations on pretty much becoming that dudes bitch...

  13. what do you mean she cant do anything? thats ridiculous. how long have you been friends with this girl? that seems fucked up of here. i dont know her so i may be wrong though.

    im not telling you to let it go but letting it go may be a better use of your time than escalating the situation for no reason. choose wisely and stay high
  14. kill the bitch. (jk)
    i have a similar story but the guy ran off with a .4 nug lmaoooo ... if its a measly thirty bucks then wtf is he doin hes just pathetic.... just like the .4 nug theif.... i just lol and wait for their karma to come.
  15. Lol u got owned. I bet your friend was in on it.
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    That's what I want to do haha. The last guy that ripped me off got arrested the next night XD
  17. Idk about this waiting for karma stuff. He stole your money, like an idiot, and you happen to know where his bitch ass lives.
    You can deliver the karma! Knock on his door and don't leave until you get your money back. Talk to him, his parents, who cares.

  18. This.

    What are u waiting for? He fucked you, you should go get that bastard
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    My friend, it is time.
    Edit : ok last edit, the shit won't work, anyways just beat the fuck out of him. or try to solve the case reasonably. don't get in trouble lol

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