Got Dreads?

Discussion in 'General' started by puffins, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Just curious if anyone on this bored has dreads, in the process of working on mine :smoke:
  2. Kinda, mine are just happening naturally. It's going to take awhile for them to mature, though.
  3. dreads are disgusting

    x2 if they're on females
  4. No, but i want to get them. maybe in a couple of months
  5. Another generalization.

    If you keep them clean, what's so gross about them?
  6. dreads are more then just hair they are ..... i dunno man im out of words and very high anyways about the subject i had dreads when i was 17 haha but it wouldnt look good on me

    dreads arent gross at all if you just use this special liquid called the *shampoo* haha
  7. I got a friend who has it down almost to the floor. He's 5'8.

    As long as you keep it tight its cool. I cut most of all my hair every week :) he's mix with korean and black.
  8. didnt say they were unclean, just saying they're hideous :)
  9. I'm in the process..... Haven't cut my hair since Thanksgiving and I just started twisting mine up at the Vibes last weekend.

    I've never had 'em before..... will be interesting.

    Personally...... I love me a sexy hippie chick with CLEAN, small dreads and cool beads.
  10. Damn straight!

    Saw tons of dreads at the vibes this year. :D
  11. What is your stance on the Black Crowes???? I personally consider them a jamband and I think the fucin killed it Friday night.... But, I had plenty of convos with people who thought they weren;t a true festi band.

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