Got completly messed up

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  1. So last night a few of us decided to have some drinks around a fire, get drunk and chill. Im not usually a drinker, but i knew it was going to be a good time. So before we start drinkin, and before everyone got here i rolled a joint and smoked it, got pretty baked off this crazy juicy fruit shit i got.

    Later after people get here we start drinking, did a couple shots, but mainly just had mixes. After a couple shots and like 3 glasses of mixed shit i still wasnt really feeling anything because i was burning out from the joint i had. My buddy lights up a smoke, and i asked if i can have one, i had never had a smoke before, i dont like them but wanted to try one. Well halfway trough the smoke i started to get a rank buzz. After i started buzzing i started to feel the alchol like crazy. I kept drinkin and finished my smoke and was feeling great.

    Later my buddy offered me another smoke, so i said sure, but this is the only time im smoking, is tonight. So he hands me a smoke, now this is a couple hours later so i have even more alchol in me, and i had just smoked a roach. Start smoking, and almost instantly i got a fucking crazy buzz, and started feeling so drunk and a bit buzzed from the weed. I couldnt walk i was so drunk, could barley sit in my seat.

    I have never been fucked on more than one thing before, its always been either weed or alchol. Never weed, alchol and smokes. It was such a good fucking time, i got so fucked and had a great time.
  2. You mean cigs by "smoke" right?
  3. I don't know what it is, cigarettes always boost my buzz when I drink.
  4. i remember my first cig
  5. me too, also was my last one
  6. What kind of cigarettes did you smoke?

  7. hahah yup.
  8. Yup, 5th grade was a fun time.
  9. ahahaha i remember my first ciggy as well. I was leaning on my step dads truck smokin a kool with my friend. Kool as a first cig, whatta night hahaha. So i went to turn around to go inside, spun an extra time by accident and fell to the ground ahahaha.

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