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  1. ok so im a drugdealer at my high school, sold to one of my good friends and he got caught and snithced on me, cant h8 cus who knows the lies they told him of what theyd do to him if he didnt tell who sold it to em.

    i had 8 more 15 sacks of some dank in my bookbag. this is my first time getting caught in highschool, got caught in middleschool once.

    Told em i didnt bring my bookbag cus i had it hidden in a locker, they watched me from the moment i walked in to the moment i put it in a locker on the cameras, got the bookbag put me in handcuffs and said they would only charge me with possesion and not intent to sell. pretty nice i guess, i MIGHT be 15 years old and i might be 22 if u catch my drift but they said i was suspended for 10 days, may have to go to court and their going to refer to the schoolboard or something like that that i get expelled for the remainder of the schoolyear and thats what i dont want to happen.

    is their anyway to stay at this school? take it to court or anything?
  2. Don't bring weed to school, duh.
  3. Dealing dime bags at school is idiotic. You've just got to contact way to many people to make any money, and your going to get busted eventually. If I were you I'd pull that age thing down, your going to get banned if a mod see's it (and rightly so). This is the wrong web site for 15yo dime bag dealers.
  4. If its the first time youve been caught at the highschool you'll only get suspended for 10 days...first drug offense is a 10 day suspension with a RECOMMENDATION to expel, which means they will only expel you if youre a douchebag about the situation or do something stupid.
  5. in before ban!
  6. 1) Dealing in school is plain dumb
    2) Talking about dealing activities here is against the rules. You DID read them, right?
    3) You're really 15. Give it up, we all know it.
  7. I ahte to say this to a fellow weed smoker, but you deserve it
  8. /facepalm
  9. Enjoy the awesomeness of the BANSTICK!!!!!!!!

    Get the fuck off this website til you are 18. :mad:

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